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Euro Trip travel experience

Europe is a wonderful place filled with mind-blowing sights. From monuments to government buildings, from historical sites to the most advanced shopping malls, there can be seen some of the most amazing culture mixes. Whoever came to Europe once, somehow always came back again. It is simple, those wonderful beaches, amazing people, wines and much more are all giving you a once in a lifetime experience. Here are some things you need to know before visiting Europe.


It all depends on where would you like to stay. But, in a nutshell, here is what you could expect:

Hostel dormitory rooms: 18-40 EUR per night (this depends on the size and popularity, like everywhere).

Campsites: tented space goes from 9 to 15 EUR per night, per person.

Private room in a hostel with a double bed and shared bathroom: 27-55 EUR per night.

The price per night for a 2 star hotel with breakfast, private bathroom, double bed and free Wi-Fi starts at about 27 EUR.

Whatever you do, make sure that you book your accommodation in advance.


If you are planning on visiting Western Europe, there are a lot of small food shops with all kinds of sandwiches, pizza slices, sausages etc. for prices between 4 and 7 Euros. These shops are usually close to train or bus stations and pedestrian areas.

In restaurants, a main dish with one drink goes from 13 to 25 Euros, depending on the popularity of the restaurant.

In the east, the food is much cheaper than the west. You could practically eat out every night in eastern Europe and you will still spend far less money than you would spend on the west (even if you cook your own food it will cost you around 65 EUR per week). In the east you can eat out every day and you will spend around 63 EUR per week.

Transport through the cities

Europeans, especially the Western ones, are huge fans of subways and trains. You will reach your destination 10 times faster than renting a car, because the traffic jams are hideous. One-way ticket is typically less than 2 EUR.

When it comes to trains, regular train is 50% cheaper than a high-speed one. Buses are cheaper than trains.

Also, in many countries like France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, England etc. you will see many opportunities for a fun barge travel experience. Besides the fact that cruising through Europe is super fun, you wouldn’t believe how beautiful all the cities look from that point of view.

Must-visit places


Trust me, everything they say about Paris is true. It is the city of the best wine, amazing food and huge passion. There really is some kind of magic in the air and you won’t get enough of it.


Those amazing coffee shops, brick streets and beautiful music coming from all sides of the city definitely won’t leave you indifferent.


If you are visiting Europe in summer, this is a country you will have to see. Its historical ancient beauty, Slavic culture and cuisine, combined with turquoise water and sandy beaches will enchant you for a lifetime. Make sure you try Gyros, Souvlaki and sea fish, visit at least two traditional Greek parties and do not miss to visit some of the Greek islands: Crete, Santorini, Thassos and Skiathos are my favorites.


Skiing during the winter or hiking during the summer – the Alps are simply a must.


If you are a fan of great parties, you should definitely consider the Belgrade nightlife. It is the world’s nightlife capital. Every night is Friday night. Not to mention that Serbia is one of the few countries with lowest prices in Europe. Rooftop clubs, indoor clubs, floating river clubs (or as Serbs call them: splavovi), with all types of music from tech-house, over rock, pop and R’n’B, all the way to the turbo folk (a sub-genre of folk music with pop and dance elements – specific for Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Greece). And finally, don’t miss a chance to finish your night in a kafana – Serbian versions of bars with traditional songs.


Clean cities, high quality of life, friendly locals and many historical sites. Wherever you go, Norway’s fjords, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gotland – you will make the right choice.


Filled with ancient ruins, high quality restaurants and bars – Rome definitely needs to be near the top of your check list.


When I think of Europe, I think of Vienna. Here you have everything: restaurants, museums, castles, amazing nightlife, shopping malls, designer boutiques – everything.


This is the city of the best (free) museums in the world, and pubs. Get to know the English culture while being tipsy from all the great beer you will have.

I hope you will have a wonderful time in Europe! Bon voyage my friend.

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Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography.

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