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How I became a Solo Wanderlust-er

How did I turn into a WANDERLUST ? It must be a common thing or activity to do these days where people just tend to travel or visit someplace outside of their home zone on weekends or possibly once every month or two … but what is MORE significant about being a WANDERLUST ? And how did I became to label myself as a WANDERLUST rather than just a “tourist” , a “visitor” or a mere “i-need-to-get-some-fresh-air” status ?

WanderLust is an “itch” you just gotta scratch … a calling i might add; it kept tugging at the back of your head … a huge URGE (in this case, as strong as a sexual Lust) that drives me to save up, scrape up as much as I could from my monthly salary to take me places, to check-off a bucketlist of places to visit, and a huge jealousy that drove me to keep up with everyone else who seems to have visited common places & share the same holiday stories. In short, WanderLust is an irresistible desire to travel to places outside of your comfort zone, preferably to explore the entire world ~

I had always had this urges to travel, to visit or study overseas since I was in primary school. I had always been jealous of my friends who were able to go places with their families on holidays outside of the country. I remember feeling really sickened that my family couldnt afford it at that time, and my family just hadnt the same sense of urges that I had. Every school holidays, I was at home, with mom and baby brother… year, after year, after year. Felt as if we were trapped or being captive in our own home. It was sad – I swore to myself I would NEVER, EVER go through that same timeline again.

In Psychology, the WanderLust in me emerged because in my adolescence, the dissatisfaction with the restrictions of home and locality had fueled my desire to travel so heavily. I guess everything happened for a reason huh? Or I wouldnt have become this awesome-cool chic that I am today 😉

Wanderlust may be driven by the desire to escape and leave behind depressive feelings of guilt, and it reflects an intense urge for self-development.

How could traveling help with self-developments? I would say, my solo travelings had helped shape my courage & personality better. The wonders of traveling alone had always been very rich and fulfilling for me. It helped me escape from the city chaos and the noises in my head that was always so negative – be it about other people around me or about stress at work or family members who are being bunch of nuisance. All of that was easily quieted down whenever I travel alone (a solo WanderLust-er). No talking, no listening to mp3s, just silence … my mind was quiet, it was peaceful, I could feel how peaceful it was emotionally as well – contentment I might say … and the privilege to enjoy the scenic view while I was on the road on long hours of bus rides & the sounds and colours of nature was just splendid. No money could purchase such wonder I am sure ~

Benefits of being a WanderLust

So, basically, emotionally and psychologically I was well kept at peaceful bay as a WanderLust. What are the rest of the list that are such beneficial points to WanderLust-ing solo ?

WanderLust checklist:

*Socially adaptable – you make friends from all walks of life, different background & ethnicity

*Cultural adaptation – you learn new cultures and be a part of it

*Flexibility in adapting to less equipped hostels because I was traveling as an on-budget backpacker

*Forces you to be more organized in planning – time, money & tour management

*Able to learn to curse & say “I love you” in many languages

*Understood fully what it meant to say “Less is more” when you are a backpacker

*Able to see new places – my first few bucketlist was to visit famous beaches/islands in South East Asia

*Enjoy & seep in nature’s wonder

*Taste & enjoy different types of beers/alcohol/coffee/tea and famous local cuisines

* Became experts on hostels/hotels/accommodation facilities

* Splendid growth in packing organization – able to roll clothes and stuff them properly in my backpack

* I learnt how to become a party expert

* I became a better swimmer and diver

* My love for beach, ocean, ancient cultural history fulfilled

Traveling definitely broadens your mind, reshapes and create you as a better person & I definitely learnt more out of this my travel experience … in my WanderLust school rather than what was taught (or rather not taught) in schools.

So, what’s your WanderLust story? Share how you’ve become one – comment below

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I am an IT expert, from Malaysia, not much of a nerd though but I LOVE to travel. Backpacking through South East Asia was such a wonderful experience, I wish it was a full-time job ! Meeting all kinds of people from different sort of backgrounds, from various cultures/ethnicity and countries, it was such an amazing feeling ! These experiences had opened up my eyes to a whole new mindset ... being Asian and all, thinking out of the box is not a norm in our culture. But traveling will opened you up like a can of sardines ... rat race and material wealth is a joke ! Join me in my adventure to open up new experiences, see & learn new cultures around South East Asia ..

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