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How to make the most of your available time for travel with some helpful tips!

People often ask us …

How on earth do you manage to go on so many holidays …


How can you be so organised and know what you’re doing a year in advance …

Well, the simple truth is, with the right mindset and some helpful tools, it doesn't take long to identify when, what and how you are going to make all those dreams become a reality!

Step one: a yearly wall planner, assorted dots stickers, a dry marker and an empty wall where it is in your face and visible!

• The yearly planner is a must. We have a large laminated A1 size yearly with plenty of space. The laminate is extremely handy as you’ll have the option of using the dry marker to block out holidays and if your plans change, wipe it off and re-plot the date of your adventure!

• The assorted dots I consider to be very useful, we used it to quickly identify birthdays, dinners or events (not holidays). These work well as they are specifically on one day and do not clutter the yearly planner with a great deal of writing

• Now look at all that ‘white space’ and make the most of it!

Step two: a bucket list!

• Inspiration – I honestly found Instagram so helpful, all you have to do is follow a few of the travel profiles, log on and see some spectacular photos, and if those don’t inspire you then you probably wouldn't be reading this! Now obviously you should make sure you follow thewelltravelledman as well!

• The list – write it down, one thing being inspired and then thinking about it two weeks later only to forget where it was or who posted the inspiring photo!

• You’ll need to have a think about how long you think you need, is it a quick weekend getaway, a week or a month?

• Don’t live by the list, be spontaneous, the unplanned trips can sometimes be the best trips! The number of times we had a look at flights, found a great deal and booked an impromptu trip somewhere (like Paris for the third time!) is absolutely worth it. We ended up getting return EuroStar tickets for £50 each so it’s absolutely worth having a little flexibility!

Step three: Set a budget, book the flights, tours and accommodation

• The budget, the boring bit, somewhat important … but honestly flight prices change frequently so even if something appears out of reach, have a look and plan in advance if you are able and no doubt you’ll find those affordable flights

The search …

• We predominantly use following websites when planning our trips.

1 Google Flights: choose some dates, your departure city and click on that map to easily see the cost of flights from a range of providers to destinations all over the world on one amazing map!

2 SkyScanner: always good to do a check on another site, just in case!)

3 TripAdvisor: once you know you have the budget, the flights are reasonable and it’s all systems go… this is absolutely the next step, have a quick glance at hotels, day trips and walking tours!

4 AccorHotels: I honestly believe in loyalty, nothing like turning up at a branded hotel you know and trust, provided with welcome drinks and a room upgrade to get your adventure started!

5 Hotelscombined: similar to Google Flights and Skyscanner, but for hotels!

Step four: Pack your bags!

• Pack light, pack smart! No doubt you’ve all heard about …

stuffing those socks inside your shoes, rolling and squeezing casual clothing and layering business wear..!

• Nothing worse than dragging around a heavy bag full of unnecessary things, do you really need 15 jocks for a 4 night getaway?!

Those walks between the train station and the hotel can literally be a drag with heavy luggage and that’s not how you want to start your trip!

• Don’t assume the worst, under no circumstances will you need a coat when travelling through Greece in July or August!

Step five: Explore the world!

• That’s it really!

He who would travel happily must travel light – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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I grew up in South Africa to a diverse family, an Afrikaans speaking father and an English speaking mother. Living in the city (Pretoria) we were fortunate enough to often visit our farm, the beach as well as the Kruger National Park. No country has since come close to matching the big five, especially not the foxes and squirrels that roam the streets of London!I have lived in Pretoria (South Africa), Brisbane (Australia), Sydney (Australia) and London (UK).My career, which is with one of the big 4 accounting firms, has taken me to a few places in the world which I believe triggered this love affair of seeing the world. I have worked in Brisbane (Australia), Sydney (Australia), London (UK), Budapest (Hungary) as well as Atlanta (USA). Living abroad can benefit your career, but more importantly benefits your personally. The people, the culture and things you see every day expands your thoughts and somehow creates a common connection with almost anyone and everyone you meet.Things I loveExploring the world. Double Macchiato. Cobblestone streets. Dogs. Red Wine. Hiking. The smell of the ocean. Tennis. Grapes. New ideas. Snow. Whiskey. Unplugging. Instagram. Laughter. Summer. People watching.

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