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Killer Travel Gadgets That Every Geek Needs

It wouldn’t be that far off from the truth if we were to proclaim the 21st century the era of gadgets. Today, our smartphones are capable of almost anything. We’re augmenting our reality with smartwatches and smart glasses, while we’re waiting for sophisticated VR devices to arrive. Needless to say, these devices have improved almost every single aspect of our lives, and traveling is no exception. There are so many travel gadgets that can help us with more comfort and here are just some of them.


Even though every place is beautiful in its own way, not every location is completely safe to travel to. In some corners of the world, pickpocketing is more of an art than a skill and there’s no way you’ll manage to preserve your belongings other than to deceive these thieves. One of the things you can do is get a StashCard – a secret compartment for your laptop, where you can keep your money, credit cards and even memory cards.

Pathfinder Watch

What to say about a pathfinder watch, other than it’s a multi-tool which shows not only time, but also works as an altimeter, compass, barometer and thermometer. While your smartphone can replace most of the functions of the pathfinder watch, installing too many apps would drain your battery in less than a day. Unfortunately, on a long camping or climbing trips, you won’t have a place to recharge it, which can cause a plethora of inconveniences. Luckily, with this handy (no pun intended) watch, you can solve this problem once and for all.

Swiss Army Knife

Now, we have already talked about multi-tools, so it would be just plain irresponsible not to mention the Swiss army knife. Having a Swiss army knife is the next best thing to having Batman’s utility belt always at hand. Main tools in this accessory are a large blade, a small blade, a nail clipper, a fish scaler, a keyring, a reamer, a chisel, as well as tiny pliers. Most of them even come with a wine-opener, which means that having one with you will make you ready for most situations you may encounter.

Solar Recharging Kit

If you are keen of sustainable travel, you should definitely opt for solar power chargers suitable for cell phones, music and video widgets, battery chargers, etc. There are a lot of small solar panel kits available for laying across backpacks, so that you soak up the sun as you're walking or camping. The beauty of solar power charges is their ability to work when the electricity doesn't, making them ideal for trekking and climbing.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Anyone who has ever traveled by a plane, a bus or a train knows that noise is one of the greatest adversaries of an adventurer. Tours themselves will be arduous and long, which means that if you don’t get a chance to rest while on a plane, you might not get one at all. This is why it is always good to have a quality set of noise canceling headphones at your side. Sure, top-tier ones can cost an arm and a leg, but those who frequently travel may find this money more than well spent.

Quality Camera

One of the most important things you need to have on any journey is a quality camera. Sure, you don’t need the lens to enjoy the view, but some memories are simply too perfect to be experienced only once. Why not record a fun activity, a memorable view or a unique moment of your life with a quality camera and then re-watch it every time you feel like it? There are many brands and options, but going for Strathfield Car Radio’s action camera will most definitely not be a decision you will come to regret.

Grid-It Organizer

Carrying about all your gadgets can be quite complicated, seeing how your laptop bag has only so much space. Still, with the grid-it organizer, you can easily use every inch of the space you have available. Just think about it – you have to pack your chargers, your camera, your phone and one or several USB drives. Sure, you could just stuff it all in the bag and hope for the best, but this is not how you treat your tech if you want it to last.


Of course, none of these gadgets are mandatory on a trip, but then neither are a plane ticket or a hotel reservation. On the other hand, every single of these items has a chance to seriously improve the quality of your trip. Missing out on an opportunity like this is never wise. The purchase of any of these incredible items could, therefore, be observed as an investment in your own happiness. A notion one cannot easily put a price tag on.

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Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography.

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