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Useful Tools to Plan a Trip Through Europe

No travels are complete without a long journey through Europe, and days spent exploring the old towns, beautiful beaches, and incredible cuisines of the continent. Though traveling through the continent is a great learning experience and offers plenty of fun, planning a trip through Europe can prove quite challenging.

In this article, you will learn some tools and tips to make planning a Europe trip easy and to ensure you have more fun on your journey.

Consider All Weather Conditions

How many times have trips been ruined because you packed the wrong clothes and found yourself unprepared for the weather you encountered? In general, climate conditions in Europe can change within a few miles, so always make sure to have a few layers so you can stay warm or cool, depending on the circumstances. However, do your research ahead of time on a website like to get an idea of what the climate is usually like during the time you plan to visit Europe.

Use Multi-mode Travel Apps When Booking Transportation

The great thing about Europe is that you can get around the continent by bus, train, or plane for relatively little cash and reach your destination within a few hours at most. However, when you want to travel between two smaller towns, it's sometimes challenging to find the easiest or most budget-friendly options from all the available transportation forms. For a hassle-free solution, use the GoEuro app to search through all these possibilities at the same time and save yourself the hassle of multiple search engines.

Don't Overpack and Get the Right Suitcase

If you're getting on and off trains, planes, and whatever other methods you choose to get across Europe, the last thing you want to do is carry around a 25 kg bag to make your life more difficult. Pack the bare essentials, a couple of personal luxury items, and the various electronic equipment you will need for your vacation. After that, really question if every extra piece of clothing, accessory, or personal product is really necessary or useful. If it's something you've taken with you in the past and have left sitting in your suitcase, leave it at home. You probably won't use it, or really even miss it, this time around.

Travelers who want to go the extra mile and buy a suitcase that not only doesn't weigh them down, but actually helps them, might want to look at the Bluesmart suitcase. You can track this "smart" luggage through an app on your phone so you never lose it, charge your phone in it (something you will appreciate in a long European road trip), and weigh the bag's contents.

Exchange Your Currency Before Departure

First and foremost, don't assume every country you're visiting uses the Euro — plenty of countries on the continent don't. Second, do you math on sites like XE Currency converter when looking into exchange rates. Take note as well where you exchange your money. You may find your home bank will offer you a better exchange rate than airport kiosks at your arrival destination.

Now that you're prepared for your European vacation, start planning your itinerary.

Image via Flickr by Andrey

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I'm an actress and travel blogger in Los Angeles. Activites: Writing, taking photos, traveling, exploring, getting in trouble. Addictions: music, coffee, Greece, road trips, the ocean, steaks. I have not yet heard of a single place in this world I didn't want to travel to and explore immediately.

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