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My day in Lima

If someone ask me “What country is the best one to visit?” I’ll say Peru, for sure. It is an amazing country full of history, culture and nature. The ideal place for a traveler.

My trip started at the moment we were going to take the flight and they asked for some volunteers to skipped it and stayed the night at Mexico’s city airport because they had over sell the tickets. When they told us the airline was going to give us a free night at the nearest hotel, free meals and a a free flight to South America, we said Yes, where do I sign? So, our trip was delayed just for one day, but it was totally worth it.

We arrived to Lima with a burning darkness as a companion and the whores in the corner streets. The driver called them and then laughed, “These are men,” he told us. We passed through the city center and we saw suspicious looking young men sitting on the sidewalks. We moved away from there to get some sleep in a hostel closer to Miraflores district.

The next day we got up ready to learn as much as we could from the capital city of Peru. A good Peruvian friend of my sister picked us up from the hostel and took us downtown, this time we walk it. He told us a lot of Lima, Peru and we started having an idea of what we would see soon. We were going to be in Lima just that day since we volunteer to stayed one night in Mexico city, but we were lucky because that day was the changing of the guard and there was a parade in the streets, so unknowingly, we would know more than we could ask of Peru with people dancing to the Peruvian music in the downtown streets.

But, first things first, we had to have breakfast, so we went to La Lucha Sangucheria where I tried a liquate of lucuma. Then, we proceed to go to the main square. The buildings there are very interesting with a closed small terraces that catch the eye. We went to the cathedral that it is right there.

We saw a flag of many colors and our Peruvian friend said “That’s not a gay flag, it is the Inca flag.” Which I thought was funny because we all were questioning about the immense display of “gay” flags that were in every street. Apparently it’s a common mistake for the tourist in thinking that. Anyway, when we were waiting for the changing of the guard I went to sit on the steps of the cathedral and next to me was an elderly lady. We started talking.

– What’s your name – she asked.

-Daniela, what’s yours? –

-Teófila … I know, it is an ugly name- she answered and I laughed, she laughed with me.

She was 82 years old and she was an artisan, she used to have a store in the center but it closed down. We talked about life and she said “As long as you are happy, you’ll live well.”

I liked talking to her but I had to say goodbye to see the changing of the guard and watch the horses dance alone and accompanied. In Peru the horses are trained to have a different trot that’s why people say they are dancing. The parade passed right there, the “chalanes” were riding their horses and smiling at people who looked through.

After that we did a quick tour around the city by car. We got off at Miraflores and ate at a restaurant called Barcelona 360. It was the best meal I had on the whole trip. Ceviche, of course, and also lomo saltado (what you should eat in Peru). I tasted my first pisco sour, a drink made with alcohol produced in the country and it is very popular, as well as delicious.

We finished eating and we went for a walk through the district of Miraflores. We went through the parks, we saw the sea in the distance, along the cliffs, and we also read words of love. This district is famous for being safe, most Expats and tourist go or even live there. There is a famous Gaudi style park; Parque del amor (English translation: the park of love), and it is surrounded by benches, designs and words that make a tribute to it. It is quite interesting and you will see many teenage couples holding hands and watching the sea with a quote of Peruvian poets alongside them.



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My name is Daniela, I am from the southeast of Mexico. A place called Tabasco and -like the sauce- it is a hot place. I love growing up here but I also love to see different places. I lived for one year in South Korea for studies and while I was there I manage to visit other countries as fantastic as the one I am from and the one I was living at the moment. Now, I am back in Mexico trying my luck in the "job world" but every time I can I pack my bags and fly.

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