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12 Months 12 Activities – The Start of The Series

Before we start this (hopefully) long term relationship with you, I need to come clean and state publicly my weakness: I am addicted to slow travel. I also don't believe in certain travel myths like "there is a particular good season to visit a specific destination". I'm not a tourist. I have no intention to go somewhere just because it's the latest trend in travel. My expectations of a location are none: I go, I reach, I explore, I learn, I grow. I have a list of places I'd gladly go back to over and over again, and a list of places that I've seen once and have no intention to visit again. I also have a long list of places where I want to go, and another of places that I won't regret if I never step foot in. Traveling is not a competition — no one is keeping score.

I am currently based in Lisbon — and planning to visit many other places in Portugal soon — and I've been having a long term affair with this city for the past seventeen years (and counting). As in any relationship, we've had our ups and downs, but I'm gladly falling back in love with this "curvy lady" again.

For the next twelve months I will introduce you to the city of the seven hills, by the river Tagus, and show you all that you can do each month — whenever you decide to travel you won't regret the trip. I will also include some much needed details about the weather, the food and what type of season it is (prices can fluctuate a lot from high season to low season), it's all about making your experience the most pleasant.

I secretly hope to convince you to take your time and slow travel. I'll see you in a few days as I bring you suggestions for Lisbon in October.



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Born in the Flores Island (Azores, Portugal), islander by birth and by heart. I'm the main writer of Tripper, a blog about culture, heritage, and travel. For enthusiasts of offbeat destinations and events.

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