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Before setting my mind on what city to write first (although I already have one in mind), I'd like this first post to serve as a warm welcome to everyone reading it and to all future readers of my possibly tiny, irrelevant blog page, which is due to be updated every week at least.

Still, and despite the biography section would maybe be a more suitable place for that, I'll share a bit more about myself. I'm Rodrigo, a 22 year old student in Political Science & International Relations. I recently got my BA degree in Lisbon and now I'm looking forward to start my masters in African Politics either in London, Leiden or Copenhagen/South Africa (and no, this page will hardly be about Africa – I've never been there). Besides that, my biggest passion – probably the passion all bloggers here share – is to travel. Maybe because I grew up in an island (Sao Miguel, Azores) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, I love traveling for its very concept. I'm continuously fascinated by the process of moving around like a modern-times nomad, moving from place to place at a relatively fast pace. Although I've been in only two continents, I travel as much as I can – last year I boarded 46 planes (mostly on Ryanair, but also in other companies, from 1A to 37J), together with a countless amount of trains, buses and, why not, boats, since I'm from an island after all.

In this space, I'd like to share the stories that came out of all my travels. I'll start by Lisbon, the city I fell and keep falling in love with, and go through many places – mostly in Europe, though. I'll be writing not on an hedonistic basis (ok, not only) but also with the intent of providing some travel tips to anyone traveling to the countries I've been. I'll tell you about crossing borders in the Balkans, what it feels like and how to sleep in airports, traveling inside Ukraine, but also what to visit in Berlin, or how to live on a limited budget in cities like Barcelona, Brussels or London (tips on £1,50 breakfasts or £1,70 lunches are to be expected). On top of that, of course, I pretend to give you some advice on traveling to my home, the Azores, and to explore what is really worthy to explore over there.

That's all starting tomorrow. For now, feel very welcome and I sincerely hope you enjoy what I'll be writing about. Stay tuned.



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A political science and international relations that likes hopping on and off cities and countries, with no fixed route whatsoever. That's basically it.

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