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Intore – Rwanda's traditional dance

The Intore dance of Rwanda is the best traditional dance I have watched.

There are three main components to Rwandan Ballet, and a standard performance by a group will contain all three. These are the songs/dances that are the essence of the art form (and are referred to here as 'the Ballet'), Intore (dance of heroes) and Ingoma ('drums').

Music and dance are an integral part of Rwandan ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling. The most famous traditional dance is Intore, a highly choreographed routine consisting of three components – the ballet, performed by women; the dance of heroes, performed by men, and the drums. Traditionally, music is transmitted orally with styles varying between the social groups. Drums are of great importance.

Traditional female dress, called the mushanana, consists of a floor-length skirt with a sash draped over one shoulder, worn over a tank top or bustier. A traditional hairstyle consists of a bun decorated with beads and tied in place by two ribbons that pass across the forehead and over the bun, crossing above the ear.

A comb is placed above one ear beneath the crossing point of the ribbons. This costume is often worn by female dancers in Intore dance troupes. It is no longer common daily wear but may be worn at weddings, church services and other formal events. (Info:Wikipedia)



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20 something old female with a with a passion for sports especially rugby , cricket , soccer, hockey , basketball and all that sport is made of I enjoy my travels around my East Africa region . I also have a passion for photography especially travel and the never ending desire to experiment with my camera has made me fall in love with wedding photography especially traditional weddings in Uganda. We enjoy doing similar things

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