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wanna eat durian on subway ?? Think twice

I had caught this sight at the moment when I got on subway in Singapre. There is no really astonished since Singapore is notable as a find country and its strict laws. That explains why Singaporean is very obedient and they always keep every single street corner so clean. When I was a kid, I heard about this every time when we talked about traveling to others countries. Until 25 years later, I have a chance to witness that and I can confirm it’s the truth.

To travel around in Singapore is not hard at all. It can take you 3 days or maybe less to visit all over tourist place. There are also many bus going from Malaysia to Singapore which takes around 7 or 8 hours depends where you will depart. There is one thing that you should know before traveling to Singapore is…this place is not for backpackers. Especially when you are cash-trapped. Our expense for accommodation and meal in 2 days could be equal my budget for a week in Sihanouvile. That’s insane, trust me, if you get boring of your trip and just want to be sent home soon, go to Singapore and splash out, then you will see your family soon.

I arrived at this modern island very early in the moring. Plus got stuck at the border and had trouble at immigration. The result was, I had to spend 100 bucks because of the reason of almost overstay in Malaysia. That’s how I lost my money. It sucks !!!!

The feeling just reminded me as the first time I came to Penang island. The whole city was still sinking in a deep sleep. Only a handful of people wake up early to prepare for their business. They threw at us a quizzical look when we walked by them. Subway hasn’t worked yet at the moment. We had to walk quite a long way to our guest house in China Town. It’s already over my sleeping time. So we decided to visit Marina Bay instead of heading to our guest house and crash.

The giant building slowly showed up in font of us. Very impressive and glorious, in deed. Just only when we got in the building, we can feel the Christmas atmosphere cover all over the place with full of workers are hastily decorating and trying to stick decals on the glasses of shopping parlor. You even can hear from a middle of somewhere a Christmas songs… Santa Claus is coming … to town 🙂 lovely eh ?

There is one thing that I don’t like using subway in Singapore is the system is too complicated. When I came to Malaysia, I thought it was the most complicated in the world, but I just get used to it after 2 weeks and knew all the route by heart. But I got confused a bit in Singapore. When the clock stroke 7 AM, it’s about the time the street started getting busy more and more. We decided to find way back to our guest house and take a nap.

Needless to say, China town in Singapore is the most cleanest one in Southeast Asia. At least, it’s better than any China Town that I have been in SE Asia. Not so much interesting thing as Bangkok, people sold a lot of souvenir such as clothes and magnet which is totally not cheap at all. Shopping is not my favorite, so we skip it fast and headed to Sentosa Park.


It’s just amazing and incredible !!!

We did not have much time to go through, though. But it’s totally worth for a shot. Especially the aquarium, I highly recommended this one. I have been to the aquarium in Petronas Tower of Kuala Lumpur but this absolutely impressed me. Only half day for the park, we don’t have so much chance to see many things else but no worry, I will come back one day.

I cannot recommend you any cheap accommodation to stay in Singapore since it’s not really cheap at all, so the thing is, just make sure that you will find a couch to stay for free on otherwise, prepare to throw your money out of the window.


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Hi there, I am a passionate traveler from Vietnam who willing to leave everything behind to see the world.In September 2012, I left Vietnam for what supposed to be a trip around Southeast Asia. I’ve met a lot of awesome people and really get extended my eyesight. It has taken me a long time before I perfectly made up my mind to live the way as I want to be.I fortunately met a lot of passionate people on the road and so happy that we have lots of thing in common. We desire to travel or live in another country not because of making money but desire to experience new things, cultures and people. “And the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun”. No matter what do you want to do or what do you want to be, or even just want to live in a strange way, that would be cool, go for it, dude. Life is wonderful and not long enough to wake up with regrets. No one of us know exactly things are wrong or right since life is a process of searching value things, but it’s a journey, not a destination.

One thought on “wanna eat durian on subway ?? Think twice

  1. Profile photo of Charles McKinneyCharles McKinney

    Singapore looks kind of fun but costly like you wrote. I have a friend living there now who confirmed that fact; and my Thai professor used to work there. If you come back to Thailand, maybe we could meet up. It's always great to connect with other writers/travelers stricken with wanderlust. Happy Travels!


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