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A Short Globe-trotting Diary at Singapore

10 – 11 May 2013 – Well, Singapore is just next to my country. And surprise, surprise, I have only been to Singapore once when I was young, and that’s it!

Imagine, I went to all other countries, but didn’t really go to Singapore, although it is so near to me. Reason why? An expensive city to travel to. A city girl like me would prefer to go for adventure or backpacking, but not jumping from one city to another. Guess I am numb to see cement and structures buildings everywhere.

Anyway, I did manage to visit Singapore by spending two days one night in this busy country.

This is the hotel that I was staying when I was at Singapore: Grand park Hotel

On 10 May 2013, I managed to meet some of my Singaporean and couchsurfing friends at Clarke Quay.

Why Clarke Quay? It is a place full of night ‘eatertainment’ dine in, entertainment and lifestyle.

noticed the G-MAX Reverse Bungy but of course, it is expensive, nah..didn’t go for it…I mean I get the same thing back at Malaysia anyway…

Finally, I met my darling cute Ms Joy who is always joyful as per her name, and Mr Michael, a cool Indian guy. The cute big masculine guy? Joy’s friend.

The next day was a short half day trip around Singapore tourist destination. Of course, a lost sheep like me cannot do it alone, so I dragged a Singaporean friend to bring me around.

So we went to:

Marina Bay Sand

Gardens by the Bay upon you walk out from Marina Bay Sand

The infinity-edged swimming pool in the hotel towers of Marina Bay Sands, but just a distant view from the ground. I heard that only hotel guests are allowed to check out the infinity pool, outsiders are not allowed.

I checked out the Rain Oculus, but there were no large whirlpool forms at that time. Funny enough, I can hear the stranger’s conversation, whereby some people were talking at the other end of the Rain Oculus! Eavesdropping…

Rain Oculus

Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

Enjoying the beautiful water arts – Handfalls by Ichi Ikeda

Finally, the Helix Bridge!

The power of human nation’s wall…I just created this, as there is no information about this piece of ‘art’.

Ah ha, passed by this ice-cream stall, and I was amazed that I found this uncle ice-cream seller to sell ice-creams still in the good old traditional way! It is hard to find this type of ice-cream in Malaysia, not to mention that in Orchard Road, Singapore, it is even more impossible, despite there is so little stalls can be seen in this fashion street. So, I chose the rainbow bread with scoops of ice-cream inside! Just try Google ‘uncle ice-cream orchard road in Singapore sold at Singapore dollar 1’ and you will see all related images pop up…

Oops, passed by Abercrombie and Fitch boutique along Orchard road, Singapore…and took a picture with the masculine model…something to remember, haha!

So, finally around 4pm, I went back to Changi airport, it is time to say bye bye to Singapore…oh, wait, found this classic Kinetic Rain in Changi Airport:

By the way, although I did not manage to explore the whole Singapore yet, here are some other of the places which the locals recommend:

• Food: satay and beer at Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat will be almost empty on the is good only on the weekdays because it is in the financial center of singapore, which is active only on weekdays. Also satay is available only in the night at there.

• Cheap Shopping: Bugis Street

Culture: Haw Par villa (free)

• Culture: Chinatown, Little India and Arab street:

Or the Holland village:,_Singapore

• Culture: The Civic District

The Civic District is known as the historic birthplace of modern Singapore, as part of a legendary master plan created by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822. Today, an impressive mix of hubs and landmark buildings can be found in the Civic District on the banks of the Singapore River.

• Culture: Discover the Esplanade Park next by taking the underpass leading into the park.


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Hi, my name is Jessica with my nickname as Suki Jezz. Being strong in PR and marketing skills, I started off meeting more people as I travel, and write my real experiences as I travel. I like to meet people from all around the world with no discrimination of any races or religions. It is fun to know people, art, culture, lifestyle and travel destinations.The most important in dealing with people is RESPECT, and LEARN TO COMMUNICATE.

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