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Slovak Paradise: One Day Hiking Trip

Sipping coffee in the kitchen of my mum's apartment with a spectacular view and watching other people rushing to work in my hometown made me feel that I had to do something active and fun that day. But not just yet. I enjoyed watching the day coming into life, people not so willingly jumping into their cars and driving to work, half asleep teens in their pyjamas walking their dogs before going back to bed and the sun going up and luring everyone to get out and make the most out of that day. When the last teen with his dog disappeared and the noise made by the cars quieted down, I decided it was about time I got ready and hit the road. Before that though, I had to face a very difficult task. I had to wake up my boyfriend and convince him that it was a good idea to wake up so early on our day off. His snoring from the other room told me that it won't be easy. Oh well…

Two hours later we were on our way. We decided to visit the Slovak Paradise for an amazing hike along the waterfalls in Sucha Bela. We both wanted to do this trip for a while and that day was just perfect for it. I couldn't wait to spend the whole day in one of the most beautiful places in Slovakia.

We left our car in the village Podlesok. We changed to our touristy shoes, took the backpack with supplies and we were on our merry way. We decided to follow the green tourist sign which led to the waterfalls. The walk along the stream was fun but challenging and we had to watch our steps. After approximately 20 minutes we reached the first waterfall Misove vodopady. The waterfall is 30 meters high and there was a bit of a wait for the ladders. Picture break! We were patiently waiting in the queue,taking pictures of the surroundings and enjoying the views. Until it was our turn.. I took a deep breath, grabbed the sides of the ladder and took first few careful steps. After I climbed up the first ladder, I looked around and the view of the waterfall next to me was amazing. Totally worth the trip.

Following the green sign, we passed another 3 waterfalls – Okienkovy, Korytovy and Bocny. We got to the wide path in the forest where we decided to start following the yellow sign at first, switching to the red sign leading to the Klastorisko site. Klastorisko is the site of an ancient monastery ruins, with a spectacular view of High Tatras on a clear, sunny day. There is also a buffet where you can relax, although, we brought our own lunch which we ate away from the crowds. After a short stroll amongst the ruins, it was time to head back.

We decided to follow the yellow sign to descend which was steeper than we expected. After a half an hour of struggle through the forest, we reached another pointer- Lanova Lavka, a hanging bridge above the river Hornad. We used it for a short break and had some fun walking back and forth on it before we continued on our way back to the parking lot following the blue sign. After an hour of very adventurous walk on the rocks, ladders and chains, we reached the breaking point of the river Hornad right on time to watch the sunset. Tired but happy, we sat down and watched the sun go down slowly. What a lovely day!

ADVICE: If you decide to make a trip to Slovak Paradise, don't forget to pack proper hiking shoes and watch out for slippery surface!

There are several restaurants and souvenir shops by the entrances. If you plan to spend a night there as well, you can find several properties where you can stay overnight but you'd better book it in advance during the summer.

COSTS: Parking fee for the whole day is 2 euros and the entrance ticket to Slovak Paradise is 1.50 euros per person.

For more information about hiking trails in Slovak Paradise, visit the official website available in several languages.



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Born and raised in a small town in southeast of Slovakia. Studied and lived in UK, Denmark and Australia, traveled in Southeast Asia and Europe. Currently residing in the capital of Slovakia, discovering the beauties of my homeland and surrounding countries.

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