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Review of Jarryd's resto, Sea Point, Cape Town!

I love it when I'm proved wrong.

My initial impressions about Jarryds were as follows…a quaint yet bolshy upstart space, frequented by über-hipsters (whom I despise with an almost fanatical loathing), serving vastly overpriced humdrum fare in a "trendy" space that couldn't possibly live up to the overblown hype and online brouhaha.

And I was wrong.

Deliciously, lip-smackingly, snuggly-specialy-cosily wrong.

From the instant I was greeted with a genuine smile (and I must stress this, NOT a flight-attendant-maniacal-overblown-rictus) by owner Jarryd, I felt at home. Instantly at ease and heartily welcomed…I only wish more spaces would key into the fact that it's how a resto makes you FEEL that lingers…for me anyways, far more so than the actual fare.

The service from GM Claude (who remembered me from Loading Bay..YEARS ago!), was exemplary. Attentive not OTT, succinct not fussy and clear not muddled.

And the food!


I had the patented "Avo Smash"..avo/feta/vine tomatoes/salmon/mascarpone and bacon (my addition!) on sourdough…words fail me.

The freshness!

The textures!

The contrasts!

The bacon!

Mmmm…bacon…. 🙂 (y)

Oh…and the coffee.

Again, je ne suis pas un coffee connoisseur, but it was great. Delicious. Fabulous, even.

I had 3 cups.

3 very big, very full cups.

And when I asked if Claude had any bigger "soup bowl"-type cups, he said I should come back again and they would buy me a bigger cup, just for my use.

He wasn't kidding.

The place was packed to the rafters. With normal people. NOT "Attack of the Millenials" spaced-out club kids, nor posy bicycle-short-wearing geriatric weekend cyclists (go change for heaven's is NOT de rigueur to partake of luncheon in sweaty lycra whilst wearing skintight spandex and slugging away skinny lattes…but I digress…).

And after chatting to owners Ariel and Jarryd, I understand why Jarryds is special. See, it's what I keep harping on about…if you're going to do something, do it properly or not at all.

Both brothers have OODLES of 1st world experience in restos (15yrs)…where it is NOT normal to have half-dead, clearly hungover "Walking Dead" waiters accosting one with mediocre service whilst lamenting the fact that one is making them work.

I once had the following Sunday brunch interaction with a Camps Bay waiter who looked like the poster boy for "Your Brain On Drugs"…

Me – Dude, you look awful..are you OK?!

Himself – No…I'm coming down and I haven't slept for 2 days.

Me – (alarm bells ringing) Oh…erm…why are you here then?!

Himself – Oh…I had to come in today to make money to pay my dealer. I would much rather be at home with a joint but I had to come in to serve YOU.

Me – …. (speechless)


It seems it is also super rare to observe true, passionate professionalism at work with resto owners in this city…but I surreptitiously watched the dynamic duo over a 6-hour period and only saw heartfelt smiles from them (and the whole crew btw!), open bonhomie, gracious acceptance of compliments and lightning-fast door greetings.

See, if one OWNS a space and one feels happy to be there and one is projecting passion, professionalism and excitement, folks (ESP the staff!) pick it up.

And it's infectious.

My only (minor) gripes are the somewhat stifling air flow issues (aircon is en route though), and 60mB guest WiFi allowance (60mB!! I use 500mB daily…and I live in a Hotel suite with uncapped Guest WiFi!)

But a minor matter…

I have rarely been so happy to be so wrong… (angel)

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My mission has always been to live my life as openly and authentically as possible, thus enabling others to truly connect to each other. I'm a survivor of 22yrs of sexual abuse from my Mom, and also had a violent alcoholic father. I am a Celebrity Ambassador for Blow The Wishistle anti-rape initiative; as well as one of 1,000 Hope Ambassadors for ( I'm a Social Media activist for animals, human rights, sundry public service announcements and promotion of responsible tourism. I am also a depression and PTSD struggler and share my day-to-day battles to help and inspire others.STATS!I'm one of the Top 0,1% Social Media influencers globally (according to, and in the Top 0,006% Twitter influencers (according to My daily Twitter reach is between 400,000-1,300,000 (according to it is all thanks to YOU for sharing and engaging!!

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