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Staycation until vacation…

Time is tight. Work is getting in the way of my vacation plans. I'm moving from one production into another until April 2016 and this means no gaps for me to flee to foreign lands, as I'm given to doing. Anyone who knows me will confirm that I'm a wanderluster, always picking a flight. Perpetually seeking a new destination, a different culture, interesting food, new friends…it all leads to a fresh perspective, takes the focus off myself and re-energises my life.

Make no mistake, I have a great job as PR in the theatre industry…dynamic, creative, never a dull moment. But I am allergic to office monotony. My day starts at 06h30, I nail the campaigns at hand and then I'm off, to a coffee shop in my hood to meet a friend, listen to other stories, absorb alternate surroundings and soak up the excellence I find in my beautiful city. It's amazing, seriously – Cape Town is exploding with outstanding eateries, coffee, bars, design, style, theatre.

And nature. I mean where can compare? If you've no time for a trip out of town, and find yourself, like me, craving the Cederberg and its fynbos aromas, you can breathe it in deeply in the biodiversity garden of the urban park in Green Point….it's that simple. Get on your bicycle and explore, walk a bit, have a run, excercise outdoors. Take in a change of scenery.

People sometimes ask, in an irritated way most of the time: "I mean, do you ever're always out somewhere…." Well yes. I work. Very hard. With passion and 150% delivery. But, I've discovered a formula that works for me, that negates stress and it's called hashtag #MixingItUpALittle. Monday to Friday, I do office work and then the virtual desk thing. Work continues, my gadgets are always close by. I don't miss a trick as I sip on a cortado and make small talk with the neighbouring table. I've worked from Tokyo, Istanbul and Prague without clients even knowing I was away. I'm quite enterprising that way.

So now, back to the 'no gaps to flee afar' dilemma. In lieu of this, I am opting for staycations. I am taking short breaks over the weekends to visit somewhere new, stay in a hotel, explore a little, walk a different path, take in new views. Making little holidays in my own town until I get a bigger break…staycation until vacation.

I'll take you with me via my blogposts and Steller montages because I am all about others (and myself), showing off Cape Town and what lies a little beyond its immediate borders…the winelands, the countryside, the mountains, valleys and beaches. Cape country….unique and gorgeous. Follow me and I'll take you places.

Have at look at this recent staycation post of mine on Steller, captured in the Franschhoek valley last weekend…

A change is as good as a holiday. Well, almost.

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A former ballerina, I am now a Cape Town based publicist specialising in the entertainment industry. One of my major passions is travel, in my city & around the world, keeping an eye on ethical tourism as I go. Explore more. That's all.

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