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Vintage beauty in Cape Town suburbia…

Vintage Day in Observatory, Cape Town. I heard about it from a friend of mind from Istanbul would you believe? On holiday here, she'd texted me asking if Lateral Paul & I wanted to join her there. A quick Google about the event info and voila, we were on our way.

At first I wasn't terribly impressed… other than a few Mini Minors, an old Citroen, a Beetle and a Chevy Biscayne, it looked like a typical car show, just with way fewer wheels on display. And then we spotted a few familiar faces – Maria and Zigi (white umbrella girl) from the Rockabilly fest, Blue Haired Betty, the guys from Donford BMW and the smallest of food trucks with a teensy pizza oven making those 'you want me' thin-based pizzas, so things starting looking up. And then, sadly for my bank balance, I came across Lolo from France, and her superb collection of vintage shoes, boots, coats and shirts from Paris. I'm oddly drawn to many thing French. and oui, knowing I didn't actually need any of it, I browsed, shopped and departed with acquisitions. Well at least they're French acquisitions. Je suis ridiculous.

A section of the Obs Lower Main Road was closed off, and what a vibe! The most gorgeous classic and vintage cars lined the street, people were cupping hands against eyes and peering into car windows, ooh'ing and aah'ing at beautifully restored interiors and finishes…those sedans are such a great tribute to a great era that oozed style, class and a way slower pace. If only Lateral Paul and I still had that superb Cadillac…

People-watching over a cider at a sidewalk cafe was very entertaining… Blue Haired Betty flounced by looking like an exotic bird and even a Penny Farthing wheeled by…it was amazing. I had a totally fab time…look out for the next event for your throwback to a time gone by.

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A former ballerina, I am now a Cape Town based publicist specialising in the entertainment industry. One of my major passions is travel, in my city & around the world, keeping an eye on ethical tourism as I go. Explore more. That's all.

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