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10 Benefits of Traveling by Bicycle

1 You can stop anywhere or everywhere

It’s not much fun when you sit on a bus; see something amazing, but you can’t tell the bus driver to stop if you want to take a photo! On a bicycle you have the freedom to stop anywhere on the road, breathe in the moment and take a gazillion photos.

2 You can go at your own pace

The slower you go, the more you can see. Your time is your own and you are completely independent – you can pack up and leave when you want to. You don’t have to schedule your trip around flight, bus or train times. You can go fast down a hill and feel the wind in your hair, push your bicycle up a hill or go for a leisurely stroll.

3 It’s eco-friendly

You are helping Mother Nature, not leaving such a big carbon footprint and not emitting any poisonous gases.

4 It’s affordable

You don’t have to fork out money for transport. You can sleep for cheap if you are camping / squatting and you can get to all those beautiful must-see places by two wheels.

5 It’s healthy

Spending a whole day on a bicycle, breathing in fresh air, dripping in joyous sweat and drinking tons of water beat spending a whole day on your bum in a car or bus.

6 It’s stress free

Cycling along beautiful rice fields, the coast, local villages or speeding down a hill is a form of meditation. You are one with your soul and body, your mind is empty of any worries and you are truly living in the moment.

7 It’s a conversation starter

People stop you on the road, have chats with you, feed you, ask questions and think you are crazy. On a bicycle you are destined to make new friends.

8 Less is more

If you are a shopaholic or can’t say no to that guy selling souvenirs, you finally have an excuse… your space is limited and you know loading your bicycle too heavy or taking too many things will have its consequences.

9 It’s rewarding

There is nothing more rewarding than going up a hill and enjoying a beautiful view, or looking at your speed-o-meter, knowing that you just cycled all those kilometers.

10 It’s an adventure

You have the chance to go off the beaten path, to choose your own path and explore and discover. It’s unconventional, the unknown road ahead of you is always a mystery and you know without a doubt that you’ll have a blast.


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The craziness and desire to travel started from a very young age. I went from the backseat of my parents' VW kombi to leaving South Africa in 2009 to explore South Korea and the rest of Asia.I picked up the travel bug quite fast - the unknown intrigued me and I got mesmerised by different smells, cultures, food, languages and adventures. I explored beautiful places around Asia, ate delicious Asian food, got food positioning countless times, collected Asian beer cans, did a two month cycle trip in Indonesia, fell in love with bicycle touring, studied Indonesian, taught English, ticked off items on my bucket list, added items to my bucket list, filled up a passport, met locals, lived like a local, CouchSurfed, got tattoos and developed a personal mantra to "dream, explore & discover".I tried to be professional, with a decent eight-to-five job in South Africa as a copy writer, but with a serious case of wanderlust, everlasting itchy feet and an adventurous heart to explore the unknown...I quit my job. My bicycle, panniers and passport are luring me away daily from the safe and familiar into a wandering journey, never a destination.

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