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Loux The Vintage Guru

Thanks to Retro Vintage Kolektion Fashion Week and a young group from Johannesburg called Khumbula I got to meet Lourens Gerbhardt who is popularly known as "Loux" The Vintage.

Lourens Loux Gebhardt was Born and raised in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek. Loux is a dynamic friendly person that loves vintage items. He is a down to earth guy who being creative and unique. From a young age Loux was inspired by his late grandfather who always dressed in suits and shiny shoes and he would often say to Loux “son, fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are, make sure you are always well dressed”. He defines his style as Hipster, and he get to express myself and influence other peoples fashion-sense. Most to the suits Loux wear are actually his late Dad’s suits.He wears a hat with every outfit as well as vintage club ties because to him they are both stylish and respectful.

African print designs dominated the Fashion Week and what I love most is that the outfits can be worn anywhere, whether at work, event, or when you are just relaxing at home. There are some designers who really pushed the boundaries and took designing to another level. Loux ‘The Vintage Guru’ from Namibia really had me in mind when he designed the only two dresses for females in his line. His designs spoke to the African Queen in me, the dresses were exquisite and they were complemented by a hat that I personally call a crown. His choice in his models could not have been better because those two ladies owned those gowns and presented a respectful aura about them. When I found a chance to talk to Loux he cheerfully told me how he loves vintage and that he has stopped wearing new clothes completely, he now buys old clothes and then modernize them.

He has been making waves across social media, blogs and print media. I cannot wait to see him in Namibia where I will get to know more about him and his vision

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A 20 something old Accounting Science Student at UNISA and a blogger. A writer who loves new experiences. Based in Johannesburg South Africa. I love to meet new people and l am always eager to learn.Twitter: @VuyisoT

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