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An adrenaline-filled day in the heart of Soweto

A full days activity in the surrounds of two towers? Really? Yes! The Orlando towers have so much to offer that you will find yourself having to go back again and again just to do everything there!

So on my 19th birthday I decided to risk my life, and go bungee jumping… So normal, right? And what better way to do it, than with the view of beautiful Soweto and Joburg, in South Africa.

But what arrived on my special day was the coldest and hands down, windiest day this year! And this special little surprised caused the bungee jump platform to be closed. But you know what I always say, everything happens for a reason! And oh boy, this didn't dampen my mood or my day! Not by a long shot, because luckily the Orlando Towers have so many other choices of adrenaline filled activities to choose from!

– Abseil

– Rapjump

Like the abseil but you do it face down

– Quad biking

– Paintball

– The highest free fall in the world

Get dropped from the top of the tower and free fall into a net at the bottom

– Bungee jumping

– Swing

– Rock climbing

– Base jump

Well now that's enough adrenaline to make Chuck Norris excited!

So, considering the wind was powerful enough to capsize a ship, the best option seemed to be the Free Fall which happens to be inside the towers! Boy oh boy, was it fun, but don't get me wrong, it was scary! You know you shouldn't look down? Ha apparently I don't listen because, not only did I look down but, my eyes were transfixed on the ground.. Permanently! I honestly wouldn't have been able to get down if it wasn't for my friend Tanna, who I dragged along with me.

The funny thing is, that I'm not afraid of heights.. I actually quite like that little feeling in my tummy when I look over the edge of a high building..

But anyway, getting back to the jump! I eventually made it over the side after arguing with the instructor for a good 10 minutes.

So I was told that the jump would last for three seconds.. I think they played this down because, i kid you not, I felt like I was falling for a good, solid 30 seconds! But hey, I loved every 3/30 seconds of it!

Needless to say, I will be going back there for the bungee jump another day, and I will swan drive off the edge! It's better than sitting, looking over the edge and scaring yourself even more!

Orlando Towers


Profile photo of Bianca Rentzke

I am a 19 year old, South African and my greatest passion is to travel, write and take photos. I'm currently working as a model which allows me to travel and meet new and exciting people from all over the world. I get to spend up to three months in a country which allows me to experience the place as a local. So far this year, I've been to Japan and Singapore and I am going to Paris in two months time. In between my travels, I am based at home in beautiful South Africa. I'm a lover of life and a believer in taking any opportunity that comes my way because life is too short for regrets.

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