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The unexpected little inhabitants living directly under your feet in Gran Canaria

Today was an awesome experience, as I'm currently living on Gran Canaria, one of the Canarian Islands, though belonging to Spain, it's not far away from Africa.

How I got here is another story (will be shared in another article), but now as I'm here, I just LOVE this island and will stay here until either I can speak Spanish fluently or have a better idea to travel to.

The climate is perfect here and as a local friend told me, even in the Winter the temperature is at least around 15 to 20 degrees celsius, palms everywhere, wonderful, many different beaches (black, white, brown, sandy, stony, natural, artificial…) and the local people I met were all very nice and warm.

Since I arrived here, every single day was an interesting experience, but today was special.

Special, because I went to the beach and dove into the ocean at the Playa de Las Canteras.

Not very deep, as I never have dived before in my adulthood (only as a child some day), I was just swimming around and taking some goggles from the hostel where I booked this month.

There was something what people would call a problem – I had a lung disease since a few years and my parents always told me 'you will never be able to dive or such things'.

But I think life is for rich experiences, and not for longer years, don't you also think that living your dreams is worth a little risk?

At least I do, and so, inspite of my little lung hurdles I had for years, I enjoyed it without any problems at all, because I believe, if you really feel healthy and trust your body more, you actually raise the probability of really BEING healthy.

Maybe we'll find out how true or how false it is in a few months 😉

The actual idea of diving today instead of just swimming or surfing came from a nice guy from Barcelona who I've met in the awesome HiTide hostel and it was a simple, but genius idea!

As I said, I never did it before and if you also never did it, you will be overwhelmed by the interesting experience, just try it! As you might be more healthy than me with my breathing hurdles sometimes, you don't have really an excuse.

I didn't expect it being that interesting in the first place, I just needed to do something to get my head clear, because although I maybe seem just like a normal guy traveling around, I have taken much more risk for being able to do it (more on that later).

So, I just said 'Really, diving? Why not, at least I've never done it before, so wait a minute, I just get also one of these goggles and let's see what's around down there!'

During my first ten seconds under water, I just saw a few stones, brown and green seaweed, a lot more clear than with only my eyes of course…

…but after these few seconds, I suddenly saw them!

There was a huge swarm of grey, striped fishes, relatively huge from my unexperienced point of view, because I've seen such fishes only in an aquarium or in a Zoo before.

And then the next one!

A really huge, dark black oval fish with some astoundingly glowing deep bright blue stripes was watching me.

You know what I instantly thought about?


I thought about nothing, which was exactly what I wanted, and I felt free.

I just enjoyed the great view of some small sea creatures, fishes and I really loved this kind of funny situation.

Me diving down at the beach, where were some stones, and the fishes watching me, asking what I'm doing in their home.

And by the way, exactly that is what really many people miss these days.

Maybe you also looked on your smartphone a minute ago and thought some 'what could I do to solve this problem now?'.

Then take a deep breath, put everything away, get a bathshorts or bikini, goggles and go to some beach nearby and DIVE deep into the refreshing water.

Watch the fishes, and do what they also do: Not thinking.

And this is how I found out which small inhabitants are living right next to my feet when I'm swimming here.

You can only see the most beautiful things if you take the time and watch.

Next time when you're at some beach, go get some goggles for a few bucks and try it.

It's really one of the most cheap, but still entertaining and funny experiences I could enjoy daily.

Wait, did I say 'could'?

Maybe I just do. And maybe so are you.

If you've kids or a girlfriend/boyfriend, do it together and tell each other which fishes or other creatures you've seen!

Enjoy your life, because dreams don't want to wait.



Profile photo of Sindermann Tim

Tim Sindermann travels around and loves the Canarian Islands, which is why he has chosen to stay there until he's learned Spanish, surfing and surviving. A few years back, he didn't like his office job and so he built multiple businesses, so he could finally enjoy more freedom, but most of them failed, so Tim decided to get rid of all plans and just use all opportunities around him spontaniously. He writes about his adventures in life and travel and after he has published multiple German books, he currently works on a new English book about crushing your fears and allowing your dreams to happen.

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