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La Nit de l’Art Palma

La Nit de l’Art in Palma de Mallorca is my absolute, hands down favourite time in Mallorca….well “Tapalma” is fabulous too but more about that in a future post. It is a fantastic festival with a carnival atmosphere where shops and galleries fling open their doors to anyone passing, to celebrate and showcase new and established artists.

It is an annual event, but never staid or predictable. There is always something new, something to talk about, some hidden corner you didn’t even realise existed, inviting you in with a complementary drink and a warm welcome. Mi casa su casa (my house is your house) is the order of the night. You are encouraged to come in, eat, drink, mix, mingle and find a comfortable spot in a chair, on the stairs, terrace or fire escape to chat and discuss art. It is brilliant and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

I have been every year for many years and each year we still remember something that was brilliant. One year it was a new kitchen company that opened it’s doors on the night with delicious catering, another year it was a new gallery showcasing a selection of Banksy’s, another year it was a 6 foot picture of Johnny Depp and a hidden cellar with a celebrity portrait photographer of such exceptional quality you would not be surprised to see his work in the National portrait gallery.

The festival is not just the perfect showcase for art though, it really shows Palma in it’s best light. Lots of people, loads of character and fun and completely safe. You feel so comfortable with the warmth the people of Mallorca show you that you can come home with some artwork, brilliant memories and even one or two new amigos (friends).


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I am a happily married woman with two dogs and two cats all rescued during our time living on the beautiful island of Mallorca. We lived there for 9 years and have now moved back to the UK where I am studying a degree in Art and Spanish. The reason for blogging about Mallorca is simple I love the island. I fell in love with it the first moment I saw it and I spent my formative years there and I hope to show readers some insight and a different side to this wonderful place.

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