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Autumn paradise: An afternoon stroll through the royal gardens of the “Palacio Real de la Granja de San Ildefonso”

The beauty of the earth can be seen throughout the year thanks to the beautiful contrasts of its seasons. From January to December we can relate to the blooming of flowers and the fall of leaves as our life experience similar change, but it’s a cycle, and at the end we can always be cheerful that everything will turn out the best way possible.

Autumn can be considered a one of my favorite season of the year, and even though is almost coming to an end, I would like to transmit my love for it by showing you one of the coziest road trips in Spain.

One hour away from Madrid you can find Segovia, a medieval city where history, gastronomy, and antique streets meet so they transform the visit of tourists into a marvelous experience.

There are many things about Segovia that I could write of, but today I want to focus on the town of San Ildefonso. The main attraction of this place is the Palace, which dates of the XVIII century when Philip V was the King of Spain. The place was held as one of the monarch’s residence and as each of its corridors keeps a great deal of historic traces, the main beauty of the Palace can be found in the gardens.

Many would say that is like a “Spanish Versailles” but I can only think of it as a real autumn paradise.

146 hectares of gardens surround the main building and they can become the perfect scenario for an afternoon walk. While you start getting deeper and deeper into the heart of the place, is amazing the peace that starts to surround you and make you feel like there is nowhere else you rather be in that moment. The roads and fountains that once were the favorite spots of kings and queens have timeless effects that make every visitor dream of those days.

Besides its natural beauty, nothing would be the same without the delicate orange and brown paintings that the trees make with their dry leaves. The landscape of Sierra Nevada makes the view even more special and impressive, specially cause you can be surrounded by nature as much as you like.

This is just one small part of all the attractions you can visit in Segovia, but if you happen to be in Madrid during these months, the gardens of San Ildefonso are definitely a must-see of the season.

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Hello! I'm Maite and I'm from Mexico City. I'm actually studying a degree in Communication and Journalism. Even though I consider myself a normal person, all my life I've been jumping from one place to another, exploring new cultures and knowing different cities. Writing and reading is my passion, so after some years in college I discovered that there wasn't a better way of mixing all my favourite things in life than writing about my travels, tips and adventures.Mexico is one of the richest cultural countries, I invite you to know more about my beautiful hometown, but at the same time discover other interesting places I have visited.

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