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A lot of Firsts in the Kingdom of Swaziland

There are a lot of things that I have always wanted to do and some that I still need to do. Thanks to Swaziland Tourism I have managed to tick-off some items on my bucket list. End of May I was hosted by the Swaziland Tourism for the Bush Fire festival weekend. I arrived at the packed Oshoek Border Post late Friday afternoon. Everyone was just so excited and we all could not wait to get to the MTN Bush Fire Festival. After the border post formalities where done I ticked visiting Swaziland off my bucket list because let’s face it I was already in Swaziland but I had some more things to do.

We drove to The George Hotel in Manzini where our hosts had booked for us to drop off our bags and head to the Bush Fire Festival. I have always wanted to go to the Bush Fire Festival and every time I had to go something always came up. You can imagine my awe as I arrived at the festival, it was the biggest festival I have been to and there were people from different parts of the world. Coming from Johannesburg I thought I had seen all nations but I was wrong. That was it the moment I tick off yet another mission that has been accomplished. I love dancing though I am not so good at it but I know I have rhythm.

It’s so amazing that I had to see Muzart, Bongo Maffin and Uhuru perform live for the first time in Swaziland. These groups are all from South Africa but it took going to Swaziland to see them perform (I am a little ashamed of this), nonetheless they were great on stage and the crowds loved them. I met the other media people hosted by the Swaziland Tourism and it felt like I had known them forever so we danced and enjoyed the walks around the festival. Since our Saturday itinerary was filled with adventure and more first times for me, we had to leave the festival just after 1am heading back to The George Hotel in order to get some rest.

Saturday morning started with breakfast at the George Hotel then Paint ball shooting at Velocity Paintball. I played paintball for the first time with great teammates. The game ended in a tie because no one wanted to lose. Running around, ducking and shooting was a lot of fun. Yet another activity was ticked off my list. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary was the best place to have lunch. As you drive into the sanctuary you are welcomed by wild life lazing about and even the crocodile was out busking in the sun. I was about to do one thing I have always wanted to do- horse-back riding. My horse’s name was Ambition; we sort of did not get along at first because I was scared of falling and having Ambition’s hooves on my face but I eventually eased up and took control. It was a fun ride as we rode around the park and saw more animals. While we rode on horses, our friend Geoffrey opted for a bike ride around the sanctuary. After a long day of fun activities we finally sat down for some lunch with meat being in abundance.

Late afternoon we were at the Bush Fire Festival engaging with other people and taking photos. I walked around the entire place and even made it to the campsite with a lovely display of tents. I met a lovely woman from The US who now lives in Africa who was charging her phone at the charging spot that worked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Dinner was from Happy Valley Resort and Casino and the food was on another level. Thanks to Travel Swaziland and Swaziland Tourism I have managed to cross off a number of items off my to-do list and I truly had a great time. A much longer trip is on the cards


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A 20 something old Accounting Science Student at UNISA and a blogger. A writer who loves new experiences. Based in Johannesburg South Africa. I love to meet new people and l am always eager to learn.Twitter: @VuyisoT

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