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Zanzibar, an Island of Magic

Situated at the far East of Africa, the Island of Zanzibar hides diversity of astonishing mythical stories in its history. However, it is not the stories alone that are breathtaking, it is the beauty and mystery of the nature that can enchant you as well.


In the 19th century, Zanzibar became famous for the spice and slave trade and used to be just a stopping point. Many have managed to neglect the beauty of the island’s beaches, but not me. I spent most of my days exploring and enjoying dreamlike beaches of Zanzibar. The island is surrounded with mesmerizing clear turquoise water with colorful coral reefs hiding in it. The sandy beaches along the coastline were the perfect place for lazy days and sipping cool local cocktails with various magical names. A few beaches stand above all, Kendwa, Paje and Matemwe, which gave me the real insight of how the fictional world of magic could look.

Stone Town

This mysterious town was the famous Swahili coastal trading town, which radiates the spirits of diversity of cultures, Arab, Indian, European etc. The maze of stone streets is filled with beautiful cafés and restaurants, bazaars and shops. People are everywhere, dressed differently but everything just seems to fit together. The smells of numerous spices and food is in the air and your brain gets filled with this exotic vibe. Also, these stone cold streets are perfect for going on a ghost hunt. There are many ghost and supernatural stories that haunt this town, and the most famous one is the story of a shape shifter Popobawa. If you are brave, you should definitely give in to these stories and experience the real atmosphere and magic of this island.

Spice Tour

Since being a traveler means being a culture and history geek, going on a spice tour in Zanzibar is an absolute must. Just outside the Stone Town there is a spice farm where you can learn and taste a lot. There are countless spices and herbs to be tasted out here. The ones I tasted and smelled include tropical fruits like lemongrass, vanilla, papaya and chili and I also got the chance to learn how to grow and cultivate these. Besides the fruit, here you can discover all the spices of the world, and some of them you have probably never seen. This tour also includes a local lunch, because you sure will get hungry, which is prepared from the ingredients from the very same farm.

Diving and Snorkeling

Before leaving this magical place I had to see what hides beneath all that turquoise water. There were many perfect places for diving and snorkeling and it sure was hard to pick the favorite. Wherever I dived I could see diversity of sea creatures just swirling around the astonishing coral reefs. The water of the Indian Ocean is crystal clear so I had no troubles exploring the depths. You can prepare yourself and study the marine life a bit so you could recognize all the beautiful species while scuba diving and snorkeling.


To easily find my way through Zanzibar and rent a car and electronics, I had to consult information found on this link. I like traveling alone, so I automatically decided on this. However, as I drove down the streets I saw something resembling a bus. From the locals I learned that this vehicle is called Daladalas and I knew I had to try it out. Daladalas is the cheapest transportation and it sure is an adventure which I am glad I didn’t miss.

None of the places I ever visited made me feel this happy and excited about everything I see. Everywhere I went on this island felt and smelled like something I could only find in a book. After visiting Zanzibar, I started believing in magic for the first time in my life.


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My name is Amy Goldsmith, I'm a literature graduate from Melbourne and a real estate agent.

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