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These are the best people I've met while I was traveling alone in Thailand. Rita, a world traveling Taiwanese, Jeremy from France and Roman from Germany, all I met during months of backpacking in Bangkok and I am still keeping in touch with them after 2 years!

When I am not traveling with my husband(then boyfriend), I will usually continue traveling alone. I have had lived out of my backpack alone in Bangkok for 5 months (3 months+2 months with a break in Europe for winter 2014). Traveling alone is always a concern to some, men or women. I've talked to so many people who have dreams to travel but most of them prefer to travel with their partners. Safety-wise, I've been asked about how I survived being alone in Bangkok alone while Bangkok is dubbed as a dangerous city to be at on your own. To be honest, I felt safer in Bangkok than in the capital city of my home country. It is true, it takes time to gather courage to travel alone. Some people were born brave. Maybe.

Traveling solo has its pros and cons. After some time, it is always more pros than cons to me. You know the answer.

1. There are so many people you can meet while traveling alone, and yes you can also enjoy the fun of having temporary traveling partner that you can "pick-up" while you are alone.

2. You can always travel at your own pace, do whatever you want to do, eat wherever you want to eat and choose to stay wherever you want to stay. You don't have to wait for your partner to get ready, you don't have to wait for your partner to finish packing, and you never need to argue of which way to take when both of you are lost in the city. When you are on your own, you are so much more independent and in control.

3. There are plenty of information about safety of your travel destination. It is the age of Internet, people! Try Google "Is it safe to travel to place X?" I am pretty sure you'll find pages of answers. Unless you are really looking for (unadvisable)adventure, like traveling by yourself to Mogadishu, Somalia.

4. The world is not a big as you think it is. We travel by planes nowadays, you can get to Los Angeles from Kuala Lumpur in mere 20 hours. We no longer need to travel by ship like our ancestors used to to get to one place to another and you know flying is the safest method of traveling these days!

To me, among reasons why many refused to travel alone is because they cannot take it having to eat alone. Yes, it is a sad imagination but it is not bad as you think it would be. Single traveler is easier to be approached by other single traveler and the next thing you know is the two of you sitting at the same table, laughing for hours, drinks after drinks. But then, if you must eat alone, bring a book. Read, and maybe this is a good time to learn foreign language. Keep yourself busy. Own a journal and write.

Of course, traveling with your partner will benefits in terms of sharing the cost of hotel/hostel room, taxi ride, everything will become cheaper when you split the costs. This is definitely the downside of traveling alone.

It is so much easier to experience stranger's kindness when you are alone. You are definitely more approachable. There is nothing scary about this too. See? You eventually are not really alone. How not to become lonely? Stop feeling alone. Think that you'll always stumble upon other travelers, because you'll always be. Choose to travel during peak season so you won't feel as empty. Some of my friends use Couchsurfing and they know with that they'll always have some company. Be bold and confident and ask if someone wants to go out and have dinner with you. Chances are they will always say yes. Meeting new people is always fun and this often happens when you are alone. I cannot help you if you are very shy but don't complain!

I have made so many temporary traveling partners while I was alone in Bangkok for 5 months. It was all great and I've made wonderful memories with them. Even though it was just temporary fun, fun is always going to be FUN. Single travelers that I met while I travel alone were all very independent, sounded and acted very educated and they are the most fun partners that you could ever enjoy being with.

So go ahead, don't be afraid. Alone? It won't suck that much.



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I am The Perfect Cube Hannah. I was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo which makes me Asian but not Chinese. I am now permanently living in the USA. I have been traveling extensively across North America and before I landed here, I had travelled to 18 countries in 2 continents and had lived in Thailand for 5 months. When I am not in the USA or in home country, I will most likely be in Bangkok, Thailand or Bali, Indonesia. I am a self-taught ukulele player and I love raccoons.

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