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Bangkok Life, Thailand - Flight Ticket Booking - Kiss From The World

Bangkok Life, Thailand – Flight Ticket Booking

Flight Ticket Booking – Start your trip

All journeys start with a flight booking.

Making your book flight tickets at lowest price at Cleartrip shows you’re ready to start a journey, often to a new destination and a new experience.

What would I have done if I’d booked a flight?

Without a shadow of a doubt I would have booked for Thailand, and I’d be in Bangkok.

Bangkok Life, Thailand – Flight Ticket Booking

The closer you are to the centre of Bangkok, the more it feels like New York. The further from the centre, the more it feels like Bagdad.

Bangkok, with its suffocating climate, heavy traffic – whatever the time of day or night – teetering skyscrapers built in recent years, the smell of fried food mixed with smog, the continuous coming and going of people seemingly walking continuously without a particular destination and the market stalls so tightly packed you can hardly move through them.

In Bangkok, it feels like the people live on the streets: they eat, sleep and work in those markets in the city centre. Time appears not to exist.

All of this is contrasted by the enormous sense of calm in the city’s magnificent temples, symbols of the Thai tradition. You can see this calm on the faces of the temple-goers, who are seemingly untouched by the chaos around them. The way they present themselves externally probably doesn’t reflect how they are on the inside.

Bangkok has numerous parks, which are a welcome break from the stress of the streets in the centre. Not only can you lie down on the grass for a rest and finally breathe some fresh and cleaner air close to one of their many lakes, you can also make use of the parks’ gymnastic equipment, just as many of the city’s inhabitants do after a long day at work.

Bangkok and its floating market, its spicy food and traditional Thai dishes.

Spicy food has long been a hallmark of Asian cuisine. Chilli flakes, oils and powders are a regular feature on restaurant tables – entertaining restaurant – goers as they spice up the already fiery dishes on offer.

Most waiters will ask you how spicy you want your dish to be, especially to us FarangWesterners – because farang don’t deal very well with spicy food.

I’ve heard of restaurants offering “Thai hot” or “Normal hot” as options.

In Thailand I’ll discover how much I like spicy food and find it funny when I see others making the wrong choice when they order food. Sadistically funny that is – eating what feels like fire isn’t really my idea of fun. I’ll have to learn not to burst out laughing when I see these poor wretches order things when they don’t know what they’re like.

Thanks to my job, I’ll definitely attend at least one meeting of the “Digital Thailand Big BangDigital Transformation Thailand”.

After all this work, why not get a Thai massage? Yep, those massages that help you on the basis that:

during the massage you’ll be in even more pain than you were beforehand, but after the massage you will no longer feel pain!

There really is a lot to do in Bangkok. In other Thai cities too. I would visit them all.

What would I do if I were in Thailand now? I wouldn’t stay for less than a year.

    Bangkok Life, Thailand - Flight Ticket Booking - Kiss From The World Bangkok Life, Thailand - Flight Ticket Booking - Kiss From The World Bangkok Life, Thailand - Flight Ticket Booking - Kiss From The World Bangkok Life, Thailand - Flight Ticket Booking - Kiss From The World



I am a lover of computers, technologies, innovations, new ideas and global communication since i was a child. After many work experiences as store and logistic manager, as product analyzer, as sales statistics analyzer, as software and web developer and as technical support and customer care i became all of those in my own company. Today i increased my own skills becoming an ecommerce manager and knowing also Marketing and Web Marketing doing jobs same creating a Customer Lifecycle communication plan (enrollment and post enrollment) that drives conversion and member engagement through existing and emerging channels, platforms and potentially new capabilities, developing and executing new campaign ideas, programs and promotions to drive earn and engagement, developing test & learn strategies to maximize results in a cost efficient manner, partnering with operations team to drive customer segmentation, targeted and relevant offers, and contact optimization process as well as ensuring operational efficiency and fulfillment of offers,managing campaign results reporting, including campaign analytics to drive financial based decisions, develop a routine process to monitor and report on marketing effectiveness and communicate relevant information and recommendations for improvement or change. Today i became a creative thinker, I have strong coordination and collaborative problem solving and analytical skills, outstanding time management and organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and multi-task, experience managing both internal and external partner relationships with strong influence management skills. I am ready and available to work in all the world.

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