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Bangkok Travel Tips for Backpackers

Bangkok is the best destination in the continent for backpacking as there are a plenty of attractions available in the town which can be seen free of cost. Apart from the touring spots there is a good number of eateries and shopping markets where everything you need can be bought for a few dollars.

Following these backpacking tips will allow to make the holiday more interesting without spending a huge portion of your wallet.

1. As accommodation consumes a large part of the savings, you need to be a little cautious while booking for a vacation stay. Always choose from the online hotel reservation systems as this is the cheapest platform to book vacation rentals. There are a couple of dozen backpacker stay options in the town where rentals come within the budgets.

2. Normally economic travelers opt for hostels and simple bed and breakfast hotels but that is not a wise idea in the case of family tours. It's always better to choose a decent airlines & hotel like the Bangkok Airways & Landmark Hotel Bangkok where the rate does come within your pocket as well as you can enjoy a premium luxury for less pennies. There are also better amenities than have expected so make it a better stay by tenting under these kind of safety roofs.

3. Bangkok Trips and tours mark the next expense in the travel itinerary. There are numerous hangout spots in the town where you can go and browse without even spending a penny. Visit the entry free museums, religious sites, temples and the monuments i the city to explore the real Bangkok life without burdening your purse.

4. Food is not a heavy pocket loss in Bangkok city as abundance of delicious seafood varieties and veggie dishes are found in all nooks and corners of the city for a dollar or even less. If you are concerned about the expenses then better dine in the street side restaurants or stalls rather than the air-conditioned restaurants to drench your hunger. Night markets and fresh markets can also serve you awesome menus. Try putting your head into all these foodie place options as none of the above said delivers a low-quality meal. Whether you make your seats in the featured multi-cuisine restaurants or fetch a meal from the street vendors, the taste is awe-inspiring than expected.

5. Next comes the transportation, which falls next in the itinerary of travel. Bangkok is so easy to come around as there are a plenty of choices available to make the tour. Among the dozen of options available, the public transportation is more affordable and easy to use. There are metro train lines and bus routes connecting all the metros and villages nearby the city. These public transport also stops in all the major attractions of the city and there are plenty of rail and bus stations available in frequent intervals. There are chances for scams if fetching a private car for hire, so to avoid these kind of issues it is in deed the best choice to access the public vehicles for reaching all needed places in the city.



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