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Weird and wonderful beach trees, Koh Phangan..

This is a throwback post as I'm writing it in Cape Town, but I just booked a flight to Thailand's Koh Phangan so got to reminiscing about this beach and those trees (below). Such a-typical beach foliage- I mean usually you'd expect to see palm trees lining the shore and leaning towards the turquoise sea right? Not so at Malibu beach in Chaloklum….most of the trees look like umbrellas (giving fabulous shade in the intense heat) and others look like things you'd see in a Dr Seuss kids book.

To access the beach, you walk through the Malibu bungalow resort (after which the beach is named), over a wooden bridge that straddles a deep river, and emerge onto the beach to be greeted by a surreal landscape. Soft (yes, I ran my hands over the leaves) fir trees shaped like fat brollies are dotted all over the place, looking as if they've been planted in the (very) white sand, and have not grown there naturally.

The private Malibu beach, created by what is called a sand split, overlooks the broad Chaloklum Bay on one side rimmed by the Khao Ra mountains, and a smaller cove on the other, with a few Thai fishing boats bobbing in the ocean. It's a peaceful spot for families to hang out (safe swimming for kids) and it is popular with kite surfers when the wind is up.

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A former ballerina, I am now a Cape Town based publicist specialising in the entertainment industry. One of my major passions is travel, in my city & around the world, keeping an eye on ethical tourism as I go. Explore more. That's all.

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