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Making Friends at The Nest Koh Samui

Tucked away down a dirt alley in the quiet beach town of Bophut you’ll find a sanctuary unlike any other on the island of Samui. The Nest Koh Samui is a collection of comfortable villas off the beaten path yet accessible to everything you need. There is no loud club, crowded restaurant, or massive swimming pool at this boutique property – a refreshing change from the large hotels on Chaweng Beach. What they lack, if lacking these things could even be considered a negative, The Nest Koh Samui makes up for in a welcoming stay that will make you want to extend your visit and return again and again.

Boutique Villas That Won’t Break The Bank

Rooms at The Nest Koh Samui are immaculate, beautifully decorated, spacious, and comfortable. No expense has been spared to ensure that guests feel completely at home. Beds are plush as are the embroidered towels and the bathrooms are chic and modern. Although rooms are air-conditioned, large windows provide ample air flow and are a refreshing touch. Most villas have private deck space and over look the perfectly manicured common grounds and refreshing pool. All of this made for the perfect spot for me to decompress after weeks of travel. I was ready to relax and enjoy island life to its fullest which is exactly what this boutique hotel encourages. Each morning we were served fresh and delicious breakfast in the outdoor kitchen. This breakfast nook is also a great place to curl up with a book or get some work done thanks to the fast and reliable high-speed internet.

The best part? All of this is is yours to enjoy starting at less than $60 USD a night.

The appropriately named Nest was my home away from home. I felt more like a welcomed family member than a guest and that truly is The Nest Koh Samui’s biggest appeal. I had the pleasure of speaking with Charlie, the owner of The Nest Koh Samui, and was left hanging on his words. Everything about this man is contagious. His demeanor, his laugh, his outlook on his business and life. You can’t help but smile in his presence. I asked him how he got into the tourism and hospitality industry and was equally surprised and in love with his response:


When asked to explain Charlie told me about his difficult time adjusting to retired life. He eventually got bored with the slow pace and was looking for change. He went on to explain how he and his wife took the sudden abundance of free time. “It was okay for a couple weeks but then what? I look at you, you look at me?!” This was hilarious as I know exactly what he means. They originally built the Nest as a place where his family could come and comfortably visit with separate villas for his children. With 30 years in the timber industry it was an easy transition to designing and building The Nest Koh Samui. Gorgeous wood finishing around the property and custom cabinetry in each room is evidence of Charlies dedicated career.

Boredom aside, Charlie got into the hospitality industry to stay young and most importantly, meet people from around the world. “Friendship is number one. Business is number two. It will follow.” Truer words have never been spoken. This mentality is lost on larger chain hotels and is often why they feel so cold and impersonal. Not at the Nest Koh Samui. It was this attitude, a reoccurring theme in the properties I stayed at during my around the world trip, that resonated most with me. I found it so interesting that properties like the Kale Konak Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, the Windketle in Amsterdam, and The Nest Koh Samui shared this same mentality – and are successful because of it.

The Nest Koh Samui – Sleepy Location with Plenty of Character

Bo Phut is located on the northeast coast of the island and is far less commercial than Chaweng. Much of the original charm of this village has been preserved because of this. There are many great restaurants and bars within walking distance or a tuk-tuk ride from the hotel. The Fisherman’s Village and Friday Night Market are popular attractions and definitely worth a visit during your stay. Although not on the beach, The Nest Koh Samui is steps away from Big Buddha Pier, a jumping off point for island hoppers. There are nearby beaches that are gorgeous so don’t let the fact that it is not on the water deter you. We were dropped off at one of these beaches and enjoyed an amazing day topped with a spectacular sunset.

If you must be on the beach Charlies son Matthew shared some exciting news – they were working on a second project, beachfront villas. Charlie asked if we would like to see the plans. His eyes lit up when we said yes. It was this type of enthusiasm that makes me want to open a boutique oasis of my own.

The Nest Koh Samui – Whats in a Name?

So why the Nest? There is a feeling of home while staying there which is fitting. It is also a sediment shared by other guests that were there at the same time as us. A Russian couple who escaped the cold winter back home for a few weeks away with their new-born son ended up staying for several months. In the process Mathew and his family got to share in baby’s first everything. The hotel also has several bird cages dotted around the property. When we questioned about the beautiful decorations Charlie explained the local songbirds and the competitions – something Matthew was able to take us to later in the week. “In the mornings you will hear them in the trees singing – I hope this won’t bother you.” Of course this wasn’t an issue. “I hope you don’t mind the iron birds either” He was referring to the properties close proximity to the islands only landing strip. This should be noted. The Nest Koh Samui is indeed directly under surprisingly busy airport flightpath but I say without hesitation that the cleanliness comforts and hospitality found at this great little hotel out weigh this tenfold.

Stay with Friends at The Nest Koh Samui

Charlie and his amazing family are interesting people who truly love what they do and who they meet because of it. Matthew was a great host and organized tours and transportation for us as well as sharing his passion for photography. He even played tour guide and took us for a day of sightseeing with his friends, a monk and a sweet little old lady. It is a day I will never forget and something I will share soon.

For a welcoming stay unlike anywhere else on the island, consider The Nest Koh Samui. From the moment we arrived we felt completely at home and apart of this amazing family…and you will too.


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Hi, I’m Shaun; lover of memorable experiences, great food, and overall awesome times. I live to travel and aim to measure my life by the experiences gained through it. My blog "This Life in Trips" is a collection of those experiences as well as a place to inspire and educate others who are looking to find more out of life.Before my first backpacking trip in 2006 my life seemed vanilla and unfulfilled. I had successfully worked my way into a comfortable situation with a cushy well-paid job yet I felt lost and poor. I was walking the path of a life decided by monetary worth and possessions which made me restless and uneasy. I knew that there had to be more to it then the car you drive or waiting out your days till you can collect a pension. Unhappy with what my life had become I put my career on hold and traveled for a year. During that time away I found happiness and my true passion, good times and writing about them.Once I returned to my normal day to day routine I quickly realized that living that life was not for me. To stay sane I traveled as much as possible and by any means possible. I became well versed in budget travel and found that the corners of the earth are reachable no matter your budget. I began feeling alive and lived for these trips as I found that I was happiest while traveling and exploring. For the past 7 years I have written about my adventures that have taken me from the Arctic Ocean to the South Pacific. They have included football games in San Francisco to Buenos Aires, concerts in the Pacific Northwest to water puppets in

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