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My Favorite places in Thailand

Thailand Paradise.

(Victoire Valmary,traveler, photo and video blogger, 3months and a half in Thailand)

(photo 1 : Wat Poh Temple, Bangkok )

Nothern islands / Cambodian border (my favorites)


There are 4 small unspoiled islands from tourism at the Cambodian border. To get there you have to take the 4 hours bus from Bangkok, then a boat from Trat.


If you want a place to relax & be amazed everyday by the so beautiful beaches: this is the place you have to go! Just few tourists, one road, three waterfalls & very kind people who are happy to welcome you.

In Koh Kood the most beautiful beach is the one where is the tinker bell resort (expensive), but the neverland resort (on budget) one is also very nice.

I was staying at the kooh kood resort, the view from the water is as crystal, the food very good, the rooms very "zen", the kayaks are free & and cheap prices ! The only thing is that the road is a little bit hard. But i really recommend this hotel.


I just stayed 3 days in Koh Mak but i've discover there the most beautiful place i've ever seen. If you are in Thailand you have to go there RIGHT NOW, because an hotel is building so in some months when it will be finished you won’t be allowed to go there.

It's call Koh Khaam, it's a small island at 45 min in kayak from the Coconut Cape hotel in Koh Mak, i think you can go also there with a boat.

The water is turquoise, the sand as flour and there is nobody. I was with few friend and we had this gorgeous place only for us, it was amazing.

(image 2 : The distance from the coconut cape hotel (45 min in kayak)

(image 3 : The beach)

(image 4 : CRYSTAL WATER )

Ps : Koh Mak is also very nice, it looks like Koh Kood

(Image 5 : The water & the wooden pier of my hotel in Koh Mak (very very very nice! )


(Image 6 : koh Chang Sunset )

Koh Chang Sunset

The biggest island is Koh chang ( the elephant island) this mountain island is perfect to plan a road trip. That's exactly what i did. I just enjoyed the road for 2 hours, losing myself in the island until i meet some locals who told me to go to Long beach. 

It's in the south, a very nice beach with good sand and beautiful waters. When i arrived there, it was 11 AM and i had this place for me, so i recommend you to wake up early !

The road is very hard to go there, if you are not a good driver you must walk 30 minutes when the "real road" end , cause it’s a big chaos .

The backpacker beach is a lonely beach, i really love the right part of the beach, where the water is amazing and there is less people. 

At night i really enjoyed, white sand beach, it's the most famous beach  of the island, but during the day it's crowded of people (most of them are russians), for me it's just not possible. But at night the beach is a succession of bar with lanterns and lights everywhere : it's beautiful and very cool.!

(Photo 7 : Koh Chang from my kayak )


Little Eden Soppong

Whether you are a budget traveler or looking for an elegant riverside getaway on the Thai mountains, this peacefully place is for you! 

I've been there with my family last december for one week and we get such a great time, the wether is cold there and read a book at night near of the fireplace was so cool! You can walk in the national park, it's very nice.

i think the photos are speaking by themselves. 🙂

(photo 8 : The family cottage with river view)

(Photo 9 : The fireplace)

Treehouse Hotel

(Photo 10)

After Soppong we came down of the mountains at the treehouse hotel. It was such an experience and people are super kind! 

Krabi's island

Even if Krabi is crowded of people, but i love the place for its beauty, it's unforgettable.

I recommend you to take an hotel in Ao Nang from there you can easily go to Railay beach and on my favorite one : Poda island. (the presentation picture of the video)

In Krabi if you would like to really have a great time and see all the beauty you have to wake up early!


Profile photo of Victoire Valmary

Victoire Valmary is a 19 years french girl.Last year she decided to stop her studies and go on an adventure!Since now 8 months she travels around Asia with her GoPro camera and make videos and photos everywhere she goes.COME TRAVEL WHITH HER!

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