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Back to School … Cooking School

Alex and I are not big drinkers so a Saturday night for us is not spent in a bar or pub! Boring? Old before our time? I don't think so! Instead we decided to further our cooking skills…..I say we but Alex is a fantastic cook. Me on the other hand… Well I only have a couple of recipes to my name including salmon risotto, cooked salmon and vegetables and the classic jacket potato. Awful I know but I have always wanted to learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes and now I had the opportunity.

When I found the leaflet for a Thai Cooking Class in our hotel reception, I thought it would be perfect. The class was only 1600 Baht each and as the school was just a 10 minute drive from the hotel, our teacher for the evening would pick us up and drop us off afterwards too! Brilliant!

When we arrived our teacher, Sally, who was very friendly explained what dishes we would be cooking that night; Thai Green Curry, Tom Yum and Pad Thai. Wow, an opportunity to cook Pad Thai, my favourite Thai dish, excellent! First things first, on arrival we had to look the part….That meant we had to wear pretty pink aprons and chefs bandanas! I am sure you will all agree that pink suits Alex rather well!

Sally started off the class by explaining about the different ingredients we would be using such as lemongrass, kaffir lime, garlic, shallot, Thai chillies, fish sauce, soy sauce, tofu, galangal and coconut milk. There were more too but this list gives you an idea of the variety of ingredients that goes into Thai food!

After we knew what we were going to use we started to prepare each dish with all the correct ingredients before we cooked them each in turn.

Then it was time to turn all these lovely ingredients into a fully cooked dish… was great to cook and with other people all learning the skills too it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures from our collection of the cooking phase!

Once all the hard work is done and the cooking is complete… comes the BEST bit! Eating your scrummy dishes and seeing how they turned out! I am not a spicy fan, however, I really enjoyed the Thai Green Curry and by adding a little extra coconut milk it took some of the spice away. The Tom Yum was very hot and personally not a dish I will cook again in a hurry but the Pad Thai was hands down my favourite dish of all.

All in all for anyone visiting Phuket near Karon Beach or Kata Beach, I would strongly recommend Sally's Thai Cooking Class. Friendly and funny, it was a great evening and a brilliant way to learn new cooking skills while meeting other people too. To finish up I have added some pictures of our finished dishes! Which one will you be inspired to cook?



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I'm Alex, otherwise known as the 'A' in L A Adventures. We are a young travel couple in their mid-twenties willing to share our experiences, good times and misfortunes to educate other travellers. L A Adventures are currently on a six month trip around Asia and we are blogging about food, hotels, tourist attractions, art, adventures, day trips, festivals and anything else we can find to help inspire others to pack their bags.

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