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Songkran – Thailand's New Year Water Festival

On April 13, Thailand celebrates it’s well known water festival called SONGKRAN to mark the new year on the Buddhist calendar.

I highly recommend this event to any traveler passing through Thailand in this time. In the north of Thailand, people celebrate the new year for 5 days. In the Bangkok it lasts for 2-3 days. In Phuket, however, it is only a one day celebration (which is enough).

We left home at 6 o’clock on Saturday the 13th travelling to Wat Chalong Temple for sunrise offerings. I thought that we could maybe see some interesting moments at the temple…. and I was right.

The monks departed early that morning to collect offerings from Thai people. People would light a few essence, say a pray and then enter the temple with a lotus flower as an offering.

And then we proceed to Phuket Town for some action shots…

Our first stop was next to the road where we saw some kids playing – GREAT opportunity for photos.

When we first stopped at my chosen spot to take some pictures; I crossed the road to ask the father's permission to take some photos of his children playing with their water guns. He said yes and invited me into his very simple home to sprinkle some water over his Buddha statues. After I did that, he gave me two cans of beer and bid me a Happy New Year.

We saw him later again when we were driving down the road. He picked up his friend and was driving back to his house with a half bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand!!

Next stop: Bangla Road, Patong Beach….

All sorts of people came together for this fun day. It was one day in a year that no one judged or cared about what you or others looked like. Wish every day could be like Songkran. It didn’t matter what race you were, what language you spoke or who you were dating; EVERYONE had so much fun!! I have NEVER seen so many smiles, all in one place.

So, the next time you are planning a trip to Thailand – make sure you are there over the Songkran New Years weekend – you won't be sorry!!!!

For more Songkran water pictures, please visit my website:



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