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Thai Cooking Class

At 8am we were picked up with a minivan and taken to the local morning market….

The smells weren’t all that pleasant but I was so intrigued and so excited that it really didn’t bother me all that much…okay, just a little, but I was still excited!! As a group we stroll around the market place and bought some fruit here and there, tasted nuts, Thai sweets and held our noses when we passed the meat section!!

Thailand is home to lovely and strange fruits!! I’ve never been a big fruit eater, but while living in Asia I really grew to love it. Some of my favorites were Tangerines (my pups loved them too), the dragon fruit, and rambutans (type of lichee).

All the shop keepers were so friendly and they were all very open to me taking their picture!! I am always fascinated by how local produce are sold, in Africa they hang the meat up in trees. In Thailand it is laid out on counter tops, for the buyers to inspect and choose the best piece.

I have a HUGGGGEEE sweet tooth, so I tried all the Thai sweets that were offered to us, but some will look yummy, and then…they would not be that tastey…at all!!!! I see myself as an adventurous eater, and a foodie, so I did try them all!!

After we’ve spent about an hour at the morning market, we all got back into the minivans and were taken to the Thai Cookery School which is about an hours drive from Phuket Town. I always loved driving through Phuket, whether it was with someone else or on my own scooter – my eyes would just take mental photographs as we’re driving by. Thailand is such an amazingly interesting place; its people, street life, and crazy scooter drivers.

So when we finally arrived, safely and in one piece – we were served coffee and tea and got a few minutes to just admire the view and beautiful surroundings.

We were introduced to all the chefs for the day – each chef prepared one dish for us, demonstrated how to cook it, and then had us taste it – we were given recipe cards and shown to our stations where everything was already prepared, chopped, weighed and portioned out.

The Cooking School offers different menus for each day!!

We got to cook:

Chicken in Coconut Milk Soup – (Tom Kha Kai)

Panaeng Curry with Pork – (Kaeng Paneng Moo)

Thai Fried Noodles with Prawns – (Pad Thai)

Spicy Minced Chicken Salad – (Lab Kai)

Steamed Banana Cakes – (Ka Nom Kluay)

After each chef gave his demonstration, we got the chance to cook that specific dish ourself, eat it and then go back for the next dish. I LOVED eating what we have prepared!! My food was pretty darn good and I couldn’t wait to go back each time to cook the next dish!!!

Phuket Thai Cookery School is definitely the one and only place in phuket island that offers you a place of peace and serenity away from the hustle of the city. Nestled on a prestine beach paradise on Siray beach, Phuket Thai Cookery School allows you to relax and have heaps of fun while cooking your favorite Thai dishes and enjoying your home made delicious meal. You will feel relaxed by the beautiful natural surroundings from crystal clear water to the panoramic ocean view that is just a stone throw from your kitchen.

I had THE nicest time at the Phuket Thai Cookery School and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Thai food and who wants to learn how to make some of the popular dishes!! Go alone, go as a couple, go with your friends, or take the whole family for a day out, and enjoy the STUNNING views, while munching on spicy dishes and laughing with the very sweet and friendly chefs of Phuket Cookery School.

Prices include:

Free roundtrip transportation service from any area in Phuket

All Ingredients for cooking

Full colour recipe cards


Individual cooking area


Bottled Water , Tea and Coffee

Check out the Phuket Thai Cookery‘s website to make a booking.



Phone: +66 (0)76 252 354, +66 (0)76 252 355

Address: 39/4 Thepatan Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand.

Have you been to Thailand before? What was your favorite Thai dish??



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