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Zip-Lining in Trinidad

I have been zip-lining quite a few times now, so I have started looking for something to set each one apart from the rest. Whether that be a record breaking distance, a soaring new height or maybe even just a really cool location. The zip lining in Chaguaramas at Macqueripe turned out to be in the coolest setting yet. Why? Because I could see Venezuela from mid-air.

That might not sounds like such a big deal, but I thought that it was pretty awesome. I was standing (well, okay–flying) in the country of Trinidad & Tobago, yet I could see the neighbouring country of Venezuela with my own bare eyes. No telescope, no binoculars, it was just there in plain sight.

The Gulf of Paria separates the two country by a meer nine miles of crystal Caribbean Sea. It is here that seven towering zip-lines stretch across lush South American vegetation and provide the thrills that only rushing through the air at racing high speeds can.

The guides were professional and thorough, yet made sure we were all having a good time. They made the whole experience into an entertaining show and made those 45 minutes fly by.

So the next time you are visiting the island of Trinidad place ziplining and a visit to Chaguaramas on your list of things that you simply must do and experience the Caribbean’s latest adventure attraction, the Macqueripe Bay Zip line.

Visit for more info.

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Seattle Dredge is a 25 year old travel blogger, currently living in Toronto, Canada. Seattle often travels solo, in search of adventure and the perfect photo opportunity. Her blog is a place to share those adventures and inspire others to do the same. And yes, her real name is Seattle.

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