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This is my "Dear Diary" post on my first, very significant trip outside Asia that I value so much. This trip was my first trip on long haul flight, which I love because I just love plane rides! We took off at 11.15 pm Malaysia time and 13 hours later, we arrived at 5.55 am Turkey time and everything was new to me from that day on, even fresh cherries!

7.35 am Turkey time, June 17, 2013: First Summer in Europe


It means hello in Turkish. Day one in this small town of Fatih and Beyazit was very warm and enchanting. Everything that I saw was just new and different. Beyazit is crowded,but kind of crowd that I am willing to walk through because it is local crowd.

I had Turkish delight, baklava and cherry juice for breakfast which was delightful. Morning sun in Turkey and everything is on the right side. Reminding myself not to look at wrong side while crossing the road. Train and tramvay here are excellent and faster than in Kuala Lumpur. Turkish people look very handsome and beautiful. Currency of Turkey is Lira and 50euro is about 150 lira(as in June 2013). Mosques are incredibly beautiful in here and cannot wait to hear the call of prayer.

On top of all this, I had trouble adjusting my sleep time for the sunset was at nearly 9 pm yesterday. My first lunch was a scrumptious eggplant kebab. Turkish people are very friendly, making me feel less like a traveler but more like one of them.

I was spending my afternoon under a tree sipping warm breeze of Mediterranean sea, watching youngsters jumped off the cliff to swim in the sea. I’d say summer in here is still not as hot as in Malaysia and definitely not humid. I walked miles but sweat a little, which I love the most.

Cats really made my day yesterday. The stray cats in Beyazit have medium to long hair. I patted almost every cat I met and thought that they didn’t understand my Malay(my mother tongue) Meow because they seemed to be not interested in you but docile at same time. What a great day it was.

Oh yes! Turkish shisha/hookah was fantastic! We we walking near Sultanahmed when we found this little cafe on the hill side at which I had also tasty Turkish tea.

Walked to the big market in Fatih brought me to a handful of fresh cherries. I've never had fresh cherries before and the man selling this gave me free handful of cherries and refused to accept the pay. He made my day! Also, the watermelons are humongous and they just kind of lay them down on the street of Istanbul. It was weird but awesome!

Warm greetings from Istanbul. Till next time.


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I am The Perfect Cube Hannah. I was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo which makes me Asian but not Chinese. I am now permanently living in the USA. I have been traveling extensively across North America and before I landed here, I had travelled to 18 countries in 2 continents and had lived in Thailand for 5 months. When I am not in the USA or in home country, I will most likely be in Bangkok, Thailand or Bali, Indonesia. I am a self-taught ukulele player and I love raccoons.

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