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7 things to do in the middle east

I think of an Arabian Adventure when it comes to the Middle East. Much of like the Aladdin experience – sand dunes, gold souks, desert safari and riding camels come to mind. In my short time in the United Arab of Emirates, I was able to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi in one trip. Making this trip the most exciting place to be.

1. Dune Bashing

What’s a Middle East trip without visiting and experiencing the Arabian Desert? Let’s start with an ultimate favorite – sand dunes. Desert Safari Tours will take you on a 4×4 wheel drive, through the Arabian Desert with options to have dinner under the stars. There are many tours that offer these tours and within your travel budget.

2. Camel Ride

There is something dreamy about riding a camel’s back throughout the safari desert. The Arabian Desert will give you an opportunity to ride the desert – in style. The tour will have this as an option on their package, so don’t worry you will get the chance to ride one of these, until you dismount.

3. Souks

If you love shopping this is the place to be! There is a range of souks in the vibrant Deira area of Dubai, which is a traditional Arab market. You can shop from – gold, sweets, spices, textile, satwa souk and including the Meena Bazaar. Dubai is home to the iconic gold souk – a must see for any visitor in the city. Here you will find souvenirs or simply to take back home with you.

4. Abra – Water Taxi

This is public water taxi that provides scenic routes throughout the creeks in Dubai. With just 1 dirham, it will take you to the gold and spice souks.

5. An Arabian Feast

One of the first things I thought of when arriving in the Middle East is FOOD. You can’t leave the country without trying an authentic meal! Be sure to order a platter of food to share – from babaghanoush to hummus and everything in between from kebabs to kibbeh. So flavorful and delicious!

6. Visit a Mosque

There is no place to observe and understand the Islamic culture than being inside the Grand Mosque, which is considered to be the key for Muslim worship. If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi, don’t miss the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – it is a MUST see! This place is nothing but amazing from – 24 karat gold pillars to 12 tons of chandelier made of Swarovski crystals and world’s largest carpet made from Iran.

7. Fancy Dinner or High Class Tea?

Dubai is known as one of the world’s richest country, owning up to name a few as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa to a Seven Star Hotel known as Burj al Arab. Experience fine dining as you sit “under the sea” theme at Al Mahara. Another option is to indulge in high-class afternoon tea at Burj Khalifa. You will find fine selections of tea around the world with towers of pastries, sandwiches and macaroons!

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Exploring the world has always been my passion. @wheretwogo is our instagram name. Our goal and philosophy is to live and "be in the moment!" So, this is where we come in. We want to help others explore options when traveling. Places Visited: France, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Principality of Monaco, Belgium, London, Sweden, Iceland, Peru, Bolivia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Canada, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, etc.

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