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Reasons to Visit Dubai in Winter - Tours in Dubai - Kiss From The World

Reasons to Visit Dubai in Winter

It is hot throughout the year, that’s what we know about Dubai. However, the months of November to March are a relief. They have a decent climate which experiences a drop in the temperature and makes the travel easy breezy.

December draws a sea of tourists because of the finer weather, New Year’s eve and other festivals. So, when booking Dubai visa during this time, you can expect plenty of company on the beaches, reserved tables at popular restaurants and crowded retail stores.

To keep you inspired for the winter travel, we have covered top 6 reasons-

It is the perfect weather for outdoors

To avoid the scorching sun of summer months, this period from late autumn to early spring will have fresh and cool air passing by. The average temperature ranges in the late twenties. It has beautiful weather, ideal for outdoor entertainment. You can tick off picnicking in the garden, lounging on the beach, exploring zoos, hiking, paragliding and other activities. The clear blue skies, lush spaces, cooler evenings and bright days fuel the excitement. While the beach bums should know that January to March is Dubai’s rainy season and few short-lived showers could happen.

No, it’s not cold like New York’s where you need boots, hats, scarfs, woollen sweater to survive. But, this winter, switch to something more light-wearable. Give up your winter knits for light-weight jackets, swimwear and flip flops.

And it is wrapped in the holiday vibe

Well, December brings in the closure for the year along with the Christmas, so, the city is lit up with lights and fireworks. Millions of tourists flock here to see the world’s tallest building ablaze with rainbow colours and pyrotechnic display. The Christmas trees are embellished at Irish Village, concerts are held at Opera, snow-capped bonanza is seen at Ski Dubai and Santa visits at WAFI Santa’s grotto. The hypermarkets, malls and stores are loaded with gifts and presents to surprise and greet your loved ones.

Needless to say, New Year’s Eve is extraordinary

Dubai’s way of ushering in the New Year has always been spellbinding, star-studded and celebratory. From Burj Khalifa to Atlantis the Palm in New Dubai, from Dubai Creek to Bur Dubai in Old Dubai, the city is drenched in all kinds of merrymaking. You can pack a picnic for the beach, sleep under the sky, dine at a rooftop restaurant, go crazy at a pub, dance with the best DJs, or simply gaze at the fireworks.

While you’ll shop at this time, you will get heaps of discounts

Several local festivals happen around the city this time, and one of the globally recognized events is the DSF. Dubai Shopping Festival has surpassed the records and has been attracting shoppers from all corners to shop at never-seen rates. The deals and discounts are jaw-dropping. As you scour the malls and stores, you will find the top-notch brands available with 70-90% off rates. And goods from clothing and accessories to electronics and furniture are available handy.

Also, it has a bunch of uniquely curated festivals around the clock

Get your party hat on as the city is brimming with other interesting festivals. To name a few, Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Shopping Festival, UAE National Day Festival.

Amongst these, do not forget cruising to the desert

Dubai is technically a desert and in winter, exploring the adventurous side of it becomes enthralling and refreshing. The sand seems softer and cold. The desert safari Dubai gives a unique tour, from dune bashing to Arabic buffet. As you do sand boarding and quad biking, the sand often splashes around and kicks your face and at this season of the year, it is fun, unlike summer when the desert is hot. Revel in this blend of modern and traditional amenities of the Bedouin camp, the live entertainment, the sleeping tents and other activities of interest.

Treat yourself with the excellent brunches and dinner

Since it’s the wonderful time of the year, the restaurants and bars are at their best. They are elegantly decorated and maintained with luxury to welcome you. It’s a peak time of the season and you must book in advance to get the table. Restaurants are serving almost every national cuisine from around the world. Few examples of places to eat with stunning decor, great views and sumptuous culinary delights are Pierchic, At.mosphere, Mint Leaf of London, Level 43 Sky Lounge and Pai Thai.

You can upgrade this dining with Dinner in the Sky and Dhow Cruise Dinner

The former is like the adventure while you feast. Dinner in the Sky would allow you to rise and suspend 50 meters above the ground and marvel at the biggest skyscrapers. So, that means you relish both the delectable food on the table and the amazing view surrounding you.

Dhow Cruise Marina and Creek are two options to dine while immersing in the city’s opulence. The boat glides along the significant landmarks at night and brings to you the delicious international buffet. In December, the sightseeing gets enhanced because of the festivities.

Enjoy all this with the money-saving combos and freebies during this peak time

It is the holiday all around the world in December and people are obviously planning to do something bigger and better. To reach out to the customers, several travel agencies introduce attractive tour packages. This will allow you to do more with lesser money spent.

So, Dubai in winter is filled with joy, elation and enthusiasm. Browse our Dubai deals and combos to tour the city without making a dent in your wallet.

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