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A dream of Bath

Since I read Jane Austen’s novels that I want to visit Bath. I don’t know why exactly, because before going I knew very little about the city.

When I arrived by train it was as beautiful and magical as I dreamed it. It’s such a charming place that when you walk you feel that you’ve travelled back in time!

In Bath I had my first Couchsurfing experience with a finnish girl that is for sure a citizen of the world. Unfortunately she was sick when I arrived, so I had to take a walk on my own.

I’ll give you now a list of the places that I visited with links, so you can see each one of them and choose which is your favourite or, why not, visit everything!

The Jane Austen Centre

Of course it was the first place I went to visit, it’s the perfect place for her fans to spend 2 hours learning something more about Jane and her time.

Roman Baths

I must say that this place is a must have if you want to know the origins of the city and why it was so important in other times and also currently.

Fashion Museum

A place where you can find clothes of each era and you’ll have so much fun in the place where you can try on some dresses from the victorian era. When I went there was an exposition about the Georgians, it was awesome!

Nº 1 Royal Crescent

If you go to Bath you’re going to visit this astonishing place, but you also have the possibility to see how rich people lived in the georgian era in this house that is the most important residence of the whole crescent. With live tour guides, you can’t imagine how many things you’re going to learn!

Holbourne Museum

It has free entrance, so there’s no excuse for not going! You’ll find a beautiful collection of art pieces that are really interesting to discover, but also you can take a walk through its garden, which is the place where Jane Austen used to walk too!

Victoria Art Gallery

t’s not so big, so in an hour you’ll have a peaceful art rest in the middle of the city. I totally recommend it if it’s raining outside and you want to recreate your eyes with fine art.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this wonderful city!


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I'm a PR who works as a Customer Service agent at the local airport in Buenos Aires. I'm also a singer who loves musicals and I want to travel as much as I can. If I write is because I need, I love and I want to do it, so I hope you enjoy it!

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