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Edinburgh, hauntingly beautiful. Who wants to go ghost hunting?

Moving out of the Schengen zone, Kev and I started our United Kingdom part of our trip in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We arrived around 8pm by plane and I was amused to hear our native tongue being spoken around us. It was welcoming not having to worry about communicating with others. We quickly hopped on to the bus to head into the city centre where we had booked our accommodation.

Driving through Edinburgh at night on the bus didn’t really show us much of the city. But once we stepped off the double decker at Waverley train station, it was as if I had stepped into some eerie, gothic mystery. The buildings were dark, damp, almost black in colour. They had the dim, yellow glow of lights, which Kev pointed out, did not illuminate the city, but shone upwards and into the buildings themselves, creating shadows in the dark corners of the streets. It was by far one of the most intriguing, thrilling and spine tingling feeling I’ve ever experienced from just walking down a street. I couldn’t help but be both confused and excited about my reaction.

Our apartment was in the city centre, and like the rest of the buildings in Edinburgh, it was a beautiful, old building with the ‘original’ fixtures, walls, ceilings etc. Our hosts, Brett and Jenna had set up the apartment so it was fresh, clean and modern but it maintained that wonderful ‘old soul’ feeling. We were greeted and welcomed by Jenna as Brett was away at a Lacrosse competition for the first few days of our stay.

So we got ourselves settled in and soon we were both exhausted and ready for sleep. We turned off the lights and snuggled into the bed. As I got comfortable and started to dose off, I was surprised to feel a gentle sensation brush across the left side of my forehead and face. I opened my eyes in the dark and felt Kev’s arm move to touch his face.

‘Did you feel that?’ I asked.

Kev said ‘yes’ and rolled off to sleep. I asked myself, ‘Was that a spider? No. My hair? No.’ No, it didn’t feel like any of that. I started to feel panic rise up in my stomach. I told myself to sleep and stop creeping myself out. I had a hard time convincing myself to do so.

At breakfast, I was joking with Kev about the ‘paranormal’ experience we had. We were laughing and I was playfully trying to convince him that it wasn’t my hair has Kev had thought. Jenna walked into the kitchen and asked us what was up, and I said we were laughing about our ‘experience’ that night. Jenna looked amused and curious at the same time and asked me to explain what happened. Once I had finished with my story, she didn’t laugh. Jenna then went on to explain that we were not the first guests to have had an experience like that in her apartment. I stopped laughing. So, I wasn’t just being paranoid and silly as I had told myself?

Apparently, two other guests had experienced the ‘friendly spirits’ in the apartment as Brett so casually called them when we eventually met him. The first instance was when a guest woke up to go to the toilet in the early hours of the morning and saw a dark figure (and assumed it was Jenna) standing at the bookshelf. When she returned to her room, she looked across to the bookshelf and saw that ‘Jenna’ was no longer there. When she asked Jenna the next morning, Jenna was baffled because she and Brett were definitely not up looking at books in the dark that morning. *Shudder!*

Second experience was when another guest was playing a guitar in the living room. She heard and saw someone walk down the hallway and called out to them, but there was no answer. A few hours later she saw Jenna and said ‘Oh! I called out to you earlier on.’ Jenna had no clue what she was talking about as she had just arrived home and Brett was still at work. *Gasp!*

Jenna concluded ‘Well that’s what you get when you live in the most haunted city in the world.’

Jaw dropped. Eyes bulging out. I must have been the silliest goldfish in pjs. I was mystified that I had not heard or at least stumbled across Edinburgh’s haunted reputation, but it made a lot of sense why it was labelled that. Jenna informed us that it is so haunted, that a lot of the tours in Edinburgh are ghost and haunted tours. Gah! On hearing that, I felt the heebee-geebees crawl up my spine. These stories made the fresh and lively apartment that we were staying in a lot more spookier and to be honest, made the rest of my week there very difficult for me to sleep.

Despite being freaked out for most of the week, we ended up taking a Sandemans’ The Dark Side night tour which was a lot of fun. Brett gave us two large bottles of beer from his Brewery to enjoy while on tour. Not a bad idea Brett. Not a bad idea at all – it was cold, but that was great so the beer never got warm; as an Australian, I would never pass up the opportunity for legal street drinking; and the alcohol helped settle my nerves and enjoy the tour instead of getting too spooked out.

The tour was a lot of fun and I won’t give away the things we saw, but the stories were all about old myths, stories of murders, body thieves and executions that happened in and around the city. I definitely recommend this tour for those who want a different kind of tour at night with some thrilling stories.

Sandemans wasn’t a real ‘ghost tour’ which I was grateful for. There were other ghost tours  but given that we were spending a week in our own little haunted apartment, I was very, very, very happy with Sandemans tour.

Kev maintains that there were no friendly spirits in our apartment, even though he too was wired and freaked out that week. He remains adamant that the feeling of something grazing our faces on the first night was my hair (which I still don’t believe because my hair was cut so ridiculously short at that time that it couldn’t even reach his face at the same time that I felt it) and he continues to tell himself that the reason the kitchen door opened by itself when he was walking down the hallway one night, was due to ‘a change in air pressure’ or ‘the floor boards pushed it open’. Yea keep telling yourself that buddy, I’d like to know if ‘air pressure’ or the ‘floor boards’ also turned the door knob.

In meantime, here are some spooky photos for your pleasure.

Our footprints:

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Anna, once a lawyer, decided to step outside of her fast paced life and jump into the unknown.Being always open minded and interested in learning new things, Anna seeks adventure, new experiences, hearing new tongues, different cultures, surprising food and interesting people.

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