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Glastonbury: An insight into an eclectic, holistic and alternative community

Glastonbury isn’t your run of the mill English town; it is a breath of fresh air.

It is both bewildering and fascinating to those that visit it and those that live there, by majority, are fiercely proud to call it home. Nestled in the low-lying Somerset levels not far from the Mendip Hills, it is a small town, a community, whose name is widely known .Popular though it may be, people here don’t seem too bothered by the outside world. The free-thinking, expressive group of people that call Glastonbury home have created a mystical, magical, abundant world and they thrive in it. On the humble town high-street one can glimpse the wonders of the world; from the spicy aromas and silks of the Eastern world to the sacred folk lore and Celtic jewellery of the West. People of the New Age heavily populate the town and this fusion and cross cultural coexistence is the result of their beliefs and visions.

One can amble the streets for hours, exploring the quirk and uniqueness of each shop, partaking in healing/well-being activities or grab a coffee in one of the independent cafes (The Hundred Monkeys, Lazy Gecko or Blue Note). The Blue Note always does a roaring trade because of it’s 100% vegetarian menu and I absolutely recommend the Halloumi Burger and Cheesy chips! It is a great place to refuel before heading up to the Tor.

Glastonbury Tor is what I consider the nucleus of the town. The people aside, it is this landmark, which gives the town its identity. Standing tall at the top of a hill, the tallest for miles around, is the roofless St. Michael’s Tower. The Tower that we see today is but a ruin of a former 14th century church. The Tor was once referred to as The Isle of Avalon with links to legendary British ruler King Arthur who fought the Saxon invaders as early as the 4th and 5th century. In addition more recent claims towards the Glastonbury Zodiac suggest that the Tor is the site of an ancient, mythical Temple of the Stars. The Temple is thought to depict the zodiac on a colossal scale, a theory put forward by Katherine Maltwood , an artist, in 1935 based on the beliefs of the Sumerians. Though there is no scientific evidence of this claim, many believe in the possibility. The Tor is surrounded by speculation, history and mystery…and is considered a sacred place by many, particularly those with/with an interest in Paganist beliefs.

Spring is one of the best times to visit the town. The landscape that surrounds it really starts to blossom and the sun shine further emphasizes the beautifully colourful and chaotic character of the town. For me, a day in Glastonbury puts things into perspective and allows me to enter a slightly different dimension.

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I'm a England based girl (for now) who is selling up, packing up and hitting the road in a DIY camper-van with my travel and life partner.This summer we hope to explore the beauty of Southern & Western Europe in our van and when Autumn starts to creep up on us we are heading for the shores of Sri Lanka and South East Asia...Beyond this is a mystery... but that's the way I like it! My blog is my public journal. Initially created for friends and family to track our journey, I now extend the invitation to fellow travel enthusiasts and anyone wishing to follow our footsteps as we meander around this glorious planet. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross somewhere...

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