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Cirque Le Soir – Embrace your darkest temptations

Redefining “the clubbing experience” in three of the globe’s most GLOBAL cities, Cirque Le Soir is not just a club, but rather an “experience” for the party lover in you! Giving you a plethora of sources of entertainment under one roof, this night club promises a night you’ll remember or maybe NOT remember 😉 A circus themed club with its inception in London, Cirque Le Soir has expanded to Dubai and Shanghai in less than 5 years and is on the path to revolutionize clubbing in Britain, the Middle East and Asia. “If you don’t know, don’t worry”.

Often making news for its guest list and celebrity appearances, this club offers live circus performances not only with stilt walkers, clowns and magicians; but also with fire eaters and sword swallowers. Astounding jugglers and “too flexible to be true” tight rope walkers with tattooed dancers and cartoon artists parade through the club with a mind boggling drummer. The troop is skilled and interactive and might give you a run for your money 😉

A cosmopolitan crowd, with a penchant for indulging in luxury, makes you push your limits and get soaked in the euphoric atmosphere that leaves you craving for more. If that aint enough expect to jive with the beats of international DJs playing multiple genres including hip hop, eclectic and sometimes Bollywood music!

Triggering your sixth sense and inviting you to cross over to the dark side of entertainment and lifestyle, this world class squad of entertainers will be more addictive than the aura of that booze and will make you forget your favourite poison 😉

Cirque Le Soir – Embrace your darkest temptations.


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Awestruck by the flavours of the world at the age of 10, I believe travelling is the foundation of my personality. It gives me opportunities yet streamlines my choices, brings me closer to the world yet allows solitude, identifies my weaknesses yet enhances my strengths. A finance freak by qualification, my heart lies in exploring the different corners of the world and keeping pictorial memories, which allow me to go back in time and remember where those zeros were ACTUALLY spent! ;) :DComing from the land of diversity, India, I have always handpicked destinations which offer a multitude of experiences in terms of culture, people as well as sightseeing. From the land of the rising sun to cities that brighten in the night, from the traditional aroma of the Middle East to cosmopolitan towns, from Scottish single malts to Asian teas, my taste buds have savoured the different flavours and now crave for more. Writing about these chapters of my life not only makes me recollect memories but also gives me an outlet through which I can inspire you to make your own! Take the ride, even though it’ll be rocky, take the risks cause I promise they’ll be worth it, and capture moments cause they’ll never come back!

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