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I'm moving to London, and I need your help!

This year has been one of change. And honestly, it's all been really, really necessary change – moving, reevaluating relationships, and prioritizing myself and my career in a new way. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. I started hinting at some tectonic shifts a few months ago, but now that plans have solidified, I'm excited to share the news: I'm moving back to London!

(Yep, the title of this post gave it away. Don't trust me with your state secrets.)

If you've been hanging out here for a while, you'll know that I got my Master's degree in London, which also happens to be my mother's hometown. I love the city, though if I'm being honest, at the time I found it very difficult to build a community there. Coming back to Boston felt fresh, because I was coming back to a new house, a solid job, and a lot of people I love.

But the move back the the U.S. was never going to be permanent, and I knew that. And all of a sudden, life aligned in a way where I could see that it was time to make the move back to England, so that's where I'm headed.

Here's where you come in, dear readers…

-First off, if you're in the vicinity of London, I'd love for you to say "cheers" to me. One thing that I love about the digital travel tribe is turning internet friends into real-life friends, and moving brings out the anxious in us all. So don't be a stranger!

-I'm also taking ideas for topics to write about, great London-area travel companies I should know about, really any travel industry tips you guys have got. It's exciting to be in such a large and well-connected city, and I aim to hit the ground running!

-Lastly, I'm taking any and all expat advice – have you done a big move like this? Do you have recommendations for how to handle homesickness, disconnection, or any other ills that affect the expat?


Profile photo of Julia Hudson

I'm Julia Hudson, a.k.a. The Epic Adventurer, and I write all about independent, sustainable, and culturally-sensitive travel. I'm a professional travel writer, editor, and digital marketer based out of Boston. I love inspiring people to travel and promoting economically and environmentally responsible tourism. Besides the nitty-gritty of travel how-tos, I think a lot about the ways that traveling shapes our sense of identity. Being foreign is always an eye-opening experience, and we carry complex responsibilities and freedoms as we move around our planet.

2 thoughts on “I'm moving to London, and I need your help!

  1. Profile photo of Nicoletta PaveseNicoletta Pavese

    Hi Julia! Good luck with the move to London! I have also lived there and I know moving can be daunting and exciting at the same time! What helped me a lot when I moved to Switzerland was fighting the urge to stay in and Skype my friends/boyfriend back home all the time, and instead go out, socialise, network and build a good support group in the new city! Try to attend as many networking event as you can, and maybe finding some fellow Americans to hang out with could help with the homesickness a little? (i always find that having an Italian night at a local restaurant once a month or so makes me feel less homesick!). Hope this helps and enjoy London!

  2. Profile photo of Caroline RoomCaroline Room

    Hi Julia, You've probably heard of couch-surfing, but have you used their events/groups for networking? London has several groups/regular events that are organised via their website and are a great way to meet people, especially fellow travellers and expats living in London. Good luck with your move – it will be an exciting time I'm sure!


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