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Lily's Travel Checklist: London Travel With Kids

What happens to kids when they travel?

1. Kids who travel often gain a deeper sense of people.

2. Kids who travel become more open to trying new adventures, food, exercise, sports, language, hobbies, music, and overall desire to learn.

3. Kids who travel become confident, gain important decision making skills, learn, and mature from the experience.

4. Kids who travel tend to have the idea that being "different" is a great thing.

5. Kids who travel are likely to be very creative, innovative, artistic, or just plain wonderful at building amazing science projects, artwork, music creations, learning programmes.

6. Kids who travel might just become very "free spirited", yet grounded in making wise choices early on.

7. Kids who travel often see the world in a more whole, balanced way.

Here's what happens when a kid travels excessively. We went to London in April 2010, after a somewhat medium travel schedule in 2009, and having already spent the first four weeks of the year flying around Northern Europe, and exploring the remote Faroe Islands in winter.

Flying out of Denver, and into Heathrow: Lily -The Adventure Girl decided it was time to fulfill the following list of items, with video, and photos:

~Run under the ropes and through security at the airport, causing the whole thing to shut down…. This is like a standard routine thing at the airport, ever since she was 15 months, always breaching security.

~Play a game of duck-duck-goose with a family waiting for their flight.

~Play hide and seek with a flight attendant and a couple other kids.

~Eat piles of chocolate.

~Go to the toilet fifty times.

~Eat more chocolate.

~Eat salad, talk about how great salad is even though she laughs and says, "I hate salad at home daddy, but this is delicious"…..

~Ask the flight attendant for more salad, gets more salad, and chocolate.

~Be a little nervous during landing.

~Ask to go potty during landing.

~Run to go potty right after the airplane stops at the gate.

~Change clothes in the toilet, out of the pajamas, into normal clothing… if I can persuade her.

~Brush her hair, brush teeth, wash face, wash hands, while in the lou, please!

~Arrive at Immigration line, run under ropes, and breach security again.

~Say, "I'm sorry daddy, and laugh", as I lift her up and apologize to the 1 millionth prize winning security officer.

~Find our place back in line.

~Ask to go potty 20 times.

~Ask the immigration officer where the potty is located.

~Tell the immigration officer "we're not supposed to be in this country, I thought we're supposed to be in America", look at dad confused.

~Pass immigration, and no longer need to use the toilet.

~Purchase some snack food.

~Board train, bus, taxi, and suddenly discover the strong urge to go potty again.

~Arrive directly at first tourist attraction to check out the cool toilets, while dad waits outside.

~Lock herself into the toilet, unable to get out as dad waits outside on a bench.

~Danish woman exits toilet, "Are you Lily's Dad", she asks. "Yes, I am", She's locked herself in the toilet, you can come in and figure it out, nobody else is inside now".

~Get sprung from the locked toilet stall by dad, finally visit first attraction.

~Chase Birds in a cemetery.

~Climb Around John Bunyan's tomb.

~Make funny faces in all pictures of famous landmarks, and otherwise.

~Make peace signs, and stick out tongue in all photos.

~Check out as many toilets in London as possible, while dad waits outside….

~Get photobombed by that lady under-her-arm at Big Ben.

~Get photobombed again, by two ladies staring on….

~Play a 200+ year old organ.

~Sleep, shower, eat… potty.

~Ride The Underground, check out the potties!

~Go Shopping.

~Fly to another country the very next day.

~Pass out on the floor with a friend.

Sometimes I laugh and think, we might be the Very Worst Travelers in the World.


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EagleGazing ~ Living In The Free World ~ Photography loving Single dad and daughter traveling the world, roaming around the United States, Europe, South America and...Follow along to find out where we end up next!Colorado is home base, hosting couch surfers from around the world has been a pleasure.We would like to visit Italy, Germany, Turkey and all of the world; write about the travel experiences, practice photography to share with the you and all of the world!

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