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Top 5 Travel Apps

1. Outbound

Outbound, known as 'the app where travellers connect', is great for meeting fellow travellers and getting inspiration and recommendations from like-minded people. By adding your upcoming trips to your profile, you can discover other travellers, using the app, who will be travelling to the same place at the same time as you. You can also discover events taking place in your area, and the noticeboard feature allows you access to the questions and plans of those travellers currently living within 20KM/100KM of you, or you can scan the noticeboard for travel inspiration from those living in your country and even worldwide. The app also contains a feature that can tell you if there is WiFi near by!

2. Create Trips

Create Trips is my go-to app when planning the itinerary for my trips. There are tonnes of free guide books to different cities, written by other travellers, providing you with the right information from the people who know best. This app also allows you to share your travel plans with friends, which is great if you are travelling in a group and need to get the information to everyone.

3. Maps App for iPhone

My iPhone Map App is probably the app I use the most on my travels, whether it is to plan out the routes I will take that day, or to save me whenever I am lost in a city I do not know! I only recently discovered that you can use the Maps app to find out your location when you are lost without needing internet access. As long as your location services are turned on, Maps will determine your location, and show you the direction you are moving in as you try to find your way to wherever you are headed. Brilliant for whenever you are lost in unfamiliar streets abroad with no 3G or WiFi!!

4. is the only website/app I use to book accommodation when I am travelling. There are literally hundreds of thousands of hotels, hostels and BnB's available to you through this app and you can filter the options by price, star rating, distance etc, to suit your preferences. A great thing about this app is that a lot of the hotels have a free cancellation policy, most allow you to book a room and cancel any time up to 2 working days before your stay for free, some even allow you to cancel the day before, or on the day of your scheduled stay. Therefore even if you change your mind you are not stuck with paying a cancellation fee. When you arrive at the hotel all you need is your reservation number to check in, which you can access easily via the app and it means you do not need to worry about printing emails or confirmations.

5. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is another app I could not live without when I am planning my travels, and even during my time away. This app will do all the work for you, finding you flights, a hotel, restaurants near your accommodation, and the best things to do in your country of choice. The 'Download Cities' feature allows you to download the guide to the city you are travelling to, providing you with maps and reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions. You can view the city guides you have downloaded without needing internet connection, therefore this is another one of my life saving apps, if I'm lost or clueless has to what to do in an unfamiliar town.

For some travel inspiration… World of Wanderlust

I couldn't write about my favourite travel apps and not include this little gem. World of Wanderlust is one of the most popular and established travel blogs out there right now. Brooke created this app to share her vivid travel photos, city guides, blog posts, travel resources and more with fellow travellers. It is a great spot if you are in need of some travel inspiration. I don't think there are many places Brooke hasn't travelled to, and she has documented it all not only on her instagram, which you can access through the app, but on her blog. Through this app you can also gain access to the city guides she has written, including a Guide to Paris, and Guide to London; you can drop a message asking her and her team any questions you might have and you can browse the selection of books she has written about her time as a solo traveller and blogger, and purchase any that catches your eye.


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Hi I'm Ciara, an Irish girl, travel and lifestyle blogger and a journalism student living in London. In the last few years travel has become such an important part of my life, I am happiest when travelling. I decided to set up a blog to document my travels and share them online with my family and friends and fellow travellers out there. If I'm not writing for my blog, I'm photographing and filming the countries I visit, creating picture posts and videos and sharing them on my blog and instagram."Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

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