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Don't Fall In Love With A Female Solo Traveller

We are known to be free spirited and brave. We got bored of waiting for people to realise their own passion for travel that we headed out in to the unknown on our own.

We conquered insecurities and fears and headed out in to the world, we ignored sexist comments and references to films such as taken and stuck two fingers up to the non-believers.

We will agree to go on a date with you but will probably climb out of the toilet window half way through out of sheer boredom. We will tell you that we trust you, but in reality we don’t. We have to defend for ourselves, we cannot trust anybody 100%.

We can leave a path of destruction behind, leave people wanting more, to know more. We know more than we let on, we can act dumb, just to lure you in to a false sense of security, to have control over you.

We are by no means manipulative though, we are clever, we have to be to survive in some of the worlds most dangerous places. Nobody has got our backs.

We will turn up to a hostel quiet and leave with a bang. Usually the life and soul of the party, we need to be noticed, to make friends along the way.

We don’t care much for showing off or material things, unless it’s a good camera, as most of us love to take a good picture.

We are friendly, we are the most likely to talk to strangers first, give people the benefit of the doubt.

We are magical, one minute we are there, the next we can be gone. You can expect us to change our minds, forget you are there, and leave you behind. You need to be able to run fast to keep up with us.

We won’t ponder about things we should of done, because we would of done it in the first place. You need to have a good working heart, solo female travellers will give you a scare a day. Whether it’s when we eat crocodile kebab, jump in to the sea from a great height or book a one way ticket to the other side of the world with no plan for when we get there.

Don’t fall in love with a female solo traveller, we may just not turn up at the alter for our wedding day.

Profile photo of Lucie Ondreasz

Travel Writer and Photographer exploring the world bit by bit.

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