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Top Three Fridays – My Top Three Foods Of The World


I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for Hungarian food, as I grew up in Hungary as a child, It's kind of become my comfort food, something I crave but sadly there just isn't enough Hungarian restaurants in the UK to feed my cravings!

I love the garden grown vegetables, paprika, meats such as beef, lamb, chicken, goose and rabbit that are all used in their daily cooking. You haven't really eaten a traditional Hungarian dish though until you have been welcomed in too a locals home and had it made for you by somebody who has had the family recipe passed down through the years.

You haven't eaten in the traditional Hungarian way until you have gathered some new friends and eaten gulyas (goulash) made in a bogrács.

Budapest in a great city and is really one of my favourites (so far) but it doesn't represent the true Hungary. To immerse yourself in to their culture, you need to head out on a train for the day in to one of the hundreds of villages. Expect welcoming locals, new friends, and the price of food and drink halved!

Top Three Foods


2.Hortobágyi Palacsinta

3.Hungarian Gulyas


I don't think the good old British cuisine has had much credit in the world of food. It's usually slated, especially for taking over foreign cities, with many places abroad having 'Brits abroad' kind of restaurants. It's not all greasy fry ups and fish and chips though.

There is nothing better than finding a nice British inn, sitting next to an open fire and eating a home made steak and ale pie with gravy and mash potato. It's all about getting out of the mass production of food in the big cities, or the hoity toity food in the gastro-pubs, where they charge an arm and a leg for a spoonful of food and finding the real British food.

Top Three Foods

1.Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding

2.Sausage and Mash

3.English Trifle


There is nothing better than exploring a new Spanish town, going down the back streets and finding small eateries bursting with character and charm. I was lucky enough to live in Costa Brava, a place that homes places like Girona, Barcelona or my favourite small local town, Palamos. I don't know whether it's the laid back lifestyle, or the fact I saw egg and tuna tapas once, which in England everybody tells me I am disgusting for eating, but I love Spanish food.

They also know how to do alcohol, with Spanish drinks like sangria and tisana to wash down the lovely meal, the warm breeze and bustling streets, what more could you ask for?

Top Three Foods

1.Catalan Paella


3.Crema Catalana

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Travel Writer and Photographer exploring the world bit by bit.

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