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Why Brits should love where they live

Ok, so everyone moans. Some people moan a bit, some people moan a lot, some people spend their lives moaning and don’t even realise. You just get used to these moans. Even I moan, c’mon I have wrote blog posts about trying to escape the country asap after I graduate. Even just scrolling down my Facebook page (moaners central) now I’ve clocked some standard whingy statuses:

‘Unless I want to sit in the rain, I guess the beer gardens a miss. Typical Britain.’

’96 more sleeps until IBIZAAAA! Need to sort this bikini bod out first or I’m not going’

‘What a miserable week I’ve had’

(Apologies if these were your statuses)

I love sun, I love the heat and would totally love to live in a country that could provide me with that 24/7. I’m quite certain the number 1 reason brits take hate on their own country is because of the weather. You add the sun, take away the rain, boost up the heat and people would see what the country has to offer. After a comment a fellow blogger left on one of my previous posts stating she has always wished to come on a road trip around Britain, it got me thinking what great things living in this country has to offer. So many people visit Britain as tourists because they want to, it must be a great place right?


If you look at a world map you can see how tiny Britain is in comparison to other countries such as; Russia, Australia, India and Canada etc… Yet, has so much to see. The bonus is everything is only a car journey a way. It is approximately a 7 hour drive (google maps) to drive from London to Edinburgh. I know some of you are still thinking 7 FRIGGIN HOURS, but take note it takes approximately 40 hours from Sydney to Perth. Yeah, you see what I am saying now. We have so many cities all on the doorstep of each other, that many people do not even consider taking a visit to.

Country Hopping

Again take a look at that world map and look where Britain is positioned. Smack bam in the middle of so many countries that are reachable on planes within hours. It’s not all that easy for some parts of the world. I know I’m picking on you again Australia (I love you really aus), but it’s not quite that easy for the people down under. Take a look at this

London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast

All I need to say is not many places has FOUR capital cities.

English Countryside

When you fly into Britain one of the obvious, noticeable scenery is the greenness of the British countryside (you’re thanking the rain now). You fly into Spain, what do you often see? Dry, brown grass! Not quite as pretty is it? (Again I’m not mocking Spain). You are spoilt for choice with options such as, Mount Snowdon, Ben Nevis, The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and The Cornish Coastline. We don’t even have any scary or poisonous animals that will eat you alive or give you some nasty bites, which means camping is pretty non-dramatic.


Britain is full of amazing attractions and places, so when you’re next thinking ‘Why do I live here?’ take a look at this below, get off your ass and go and explore your country.

Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey


Glastonbury Festival

Roman Baths (Bath)

Shakespeare’s birthplace (Stratford-upon-Avon)

Oxford and Cambridge

Cornish Beaches

The Seven Sisters

Eden Project

York Minster

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Hi I am Helen :) I'm currently in my final year at university studying Events Management. My passion is travelling and I also love to write, which is the initial reason I started a travel blog. I am studying in Manchester and I have previously lived in London and on a cruise ship. I spent last year (2014) working on a cruise ship, which allowed me to travel to new and amazing places on a daily basis. To say the least, I have definitely caught the travel bug. Hi I am Helen :) My passion is travelling and I also loved to write, which is the initial reason I started my travel blog. I have recently finished working on a cruise ship and I am currently looking for a job with more permanency (but I'll still make time to travel).

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