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Avalanche Bay Waterpark

If you are travelling in America with kids, you have no doubt heard of the many indoor waterparks located in various hotels across the country. We decided to check out the much talked about Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark located at Boyne Mountain in Northern Michigan.

We arrived early one Friday morning to a completely empty waterpark. As you would expect, the waterpark has a winter ski theme. The centre of the park is Splasherhorn Mountain which houses a water playground, two sizeable slides for younger kids and pours down an 800 gallon water avalanche every 20 minutes.

There is also a kid’s pool, lazy river, various hot tubs, and 4 larger slides. My favourite was the Big Couloir which begins when you enter a large orange capsule and listen to a loud heartbeat. The bottom of the capsule then drops out and you travel up to 38 feet per second in a 360 degree loop.

Avalanche Bay is well staffed and the lifeguards were great with the kids. I spent a lot of time noticing how attentive they were and never felt that my kids were in any danger in the waterpark even though there was not a second adult with me. The height restrictions at the waterpark are much more lenient than I have seen elsewhere and at 38″ tall, Charlie who is 3, could ride every ride except the Big Couloir which requires riders to be 48″ tall. Avalanche Bay is also incredibly clean and fresh towels and life jackets were easy to find.

In the end, we had a wonderful time at the waterpark and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area. The resort offers packages for a family of four to stay on property with 4 waterpark passes starting at $207 US a night. Daily admission cost to the waterpark varies with the season but ranges from $22 for a day pass for children up to $41 for a day pass for adults if not staying on the property.


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