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The CABIN in the Woods : Long Weekend Travel

No trip in America can ever be truly complete, unless you spend an off-the-beaten-track kind of weekend in a cozy log cabin, lost serenely in the woods. Be it the feel of a vintage grandma house or simply an isolated wooden home in the middle of nowhere but the forest mountains and millions of fireflies around, every such story you heard while you were still young will come to life, once you spend a vacation in a cabin. Built as early as in the 1650’s in the United States, traditional wooden cabins have a polished yet rustic appeal to them, that will instantly make you fall in love with all things old and natural. Many of them are today maintained for rental by family and friends, over long weekends and for big getaway parties or weddings.

Recently, me and my friends booked the Half Moon Cabin for a long weekend holiday in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Owing to the popularity of the Appalachian Mountain that surround the city, along with the creeks and the little fishing lakes, many visitors opt for a cabin vacation in the area, mostly to spend a quite weekend in the wilderness or to hike and visit the waterfalls nearby. And if you ask me, lodging in Half Moon while you are at it, makes it completely worth it.

The cabin from the inside

If I had one second to describe it, I would quickly call it – “Time Travel“. Even though we had seen a lot of pictures of the property while booking it – seeing it in real life is altogether a more mesmerizing experience. To start with, the cabin is very well kept and is almost like a dream in the middle of lush green forests. The glass doors and windows makes it perfect for view, as one can always gaze at the greens of the outside, sitting comfortably inside. The logs are delightfully glossy and interiors are done tastefully in a classic western style, starting from the bedrooms, the turquoise kitchen, the classic setting of bathrooms to the furniture and the artifacts in the dining and living room areas. Not to miss is the ideal stone fireplace that instantly transports you back to the long gone times of classic American architecture. The cabin also has an equally huge basement level, which has a pool table, its own kitchen and also very artistically picked bunk beds – a perfect entertainment area for the young adults. Being huge and spacious, the place is perfect for 3 to 4 families, and even big groups of friends.

The cabin from the outside

For me this was like an isolated love affair with the wilderness. Dance with the fireflies at nights, go mushroom spotting in the mornings, or simply roll over the grassy lawns and watch wild turkeys running around! The living room opens up to a huge balcony on the outside, which has a charcoal grill for a splendid barbecue night into the wild. The owners have a resident cat which will give you quite company at all times, roll over the entrance in the morning to soak the sunlight and will pretty much guard the property throughout the day! Also, it is instantly adorable. Be it summer or winter, it is a cabin meant equally for all seasons.

About and Around

Not only is the cabin a tranquil experience in itself, it is also in close enough proximity to a lot of outdoor activities. For fishing freaks, there are a few fishing lakes nearby, and you can also hike into the woods and visit multiple creeks during the day. Downtown Chattanooga is just a half an hour drive from the cabin with a few restaurants within the same range as well. The owners are great communicators and will give you enough details, directions and adventure options once you book and plan to go ahead. The cabin is also fully furnished with all basic bathroom and kitchen amenities available, along with enough parking space for quite a few cars. A highly recommended stay for all, and specially for the movie buffs – Its pretty much like ‘TWILIGHT’.


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A Fashion Journalist by profession and a passionate traveler at all times - not working. For me, the world is a very big place, and life is too short to not look at every inch of this globe. A believer, a creative thinker, blogger, writer, foodie and social media addict - Coz what would life be, if we had no way to document it before it ends! Living the priceless gift they call 'life' everyday, and sharing my experiences with the world through

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