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Perfect Traveler – Perfect Contradiction

These days it seems that everyone is peddling happiness, mindfulness and wellness.

Travel is the world’s biggest industry so it makes sense for hospitality professionals, hoteliers and other guest relations businesses to target those of us that helped spend nearly a billion dollars last year on “mindfulness.”

Travelers are willing to spend money on their experience. They want to sleep better, relax longer, and connect more with their families or spouses. No doubt, every person who has ever taken a vacation can relate to at least one of these intentions. The question is, does travelling well mean you have to be well off?

I’m convinced, the answer is no.

1. The perfect traveler fails to notice that the hotel bed is not as soft as her own bed at home. In fact, the perfect traveler probably gets the best sleep she’s had all year because she had an incredible day in a new, exotic destination.

2.The perfect traveler might stay in accommodations that feature a deluxe spa, specialty treatments and so on. Whether she indulges in or ignores the fancy amenities, she will find just as much relaxation at the budget hotel pool – for free.

3.In the company of friends, family or a significant other, the perfect traveler is perfectly happy at the beach without the hired tour guide or private surf instructor.

As consumers, it’s worth having a closer look at the products and services that are being offered whenever and wherever we travel. Instead of asking questions like, how much does it cost? or, what’s included? perhaps we ask instead, will I even notice the difference? and, will this maximize the time I have alongside the people I love?

There may not be a perfect traveler, nor a perfect vacation. But it seems that those who gain the most satisfaction and happiness from travel are those willing to accept what already awaits them at their destination. Without spending extra money on more.


Profile photo of Courtney Capellan

Courtney is a well-traveled book junkie, a word snob and a technically creative writer. She’s got an amateur photography habit and a treasure hunting fever. Courtney obtained her B.A. from the University of Washington in international studies- specializing in foreign policy and diplomacy. A problem solver and decision-maker, Courtney’s approach to life draws on her ability to see the bigger picture and think outside the box.

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