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The Majestic Tetons

Grand Tetons National Park, located just south of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, made famous for the majestic mountains which forged the environment of this national park. The Tetons range stands tall like a monument to those that fought hard to have it protected. They look almost unreal, like something imagined out of a storybook. Words cannot describe just how awesome the Tetons look up close, it is a sight you must see for yourself. I took a day out of my Yellowstone Trip to explore Grand Tetons National Park because the parks are practically neighbors. I witnessed just how different of an environment Grand Tetons was from Yellowstone, there were no hot springs or geysers here. Grand Tetons features an amazing array of wildlife, pristine lakes, as well as amazing alpine terrain. At the forefront of all of these features is of course the Tetons range itself.

I made my way through the park with my family where we were met with such incredibly pure and untouched nature. We were surrounded by so much green, more green than I had ever seen in one place. One really cool thing about the roads that snake throughout the park is that they give you breathtaking views of the Snake River that runs throughout the park which reflects the Tetons in its crystal blue waters. It was here that I captured one of my favorite pictures of the Tetons. We pulled over at one of the turnouts where I exited the car and was immediately by the most incredible view of the landscape before me. I quickly grabbed my camera and started to snap photos of the Snake River where I could see the reflection of the Tetons creating a mirror effect unlike any I had ever seen before. One of the most surprising things to me was there was still snow on the peaks which I thought was weird because it was the middle of August where in most other places the snow would be long gone. While only that little bit of snow made the Tetons look so majestic, I wondered how the range would look completely snow capped in the winter. I may just have to find out the answer to this question for myself.

The nature of this excursion down to the Tetons didn’t leave us with much time to fully explore the park, but we had decided to do one hike and we made sure it was one hell of a hike for our short visit. We hiked up to Inspiration point, elevation 7,200 ft above sea level. The hike was 7 miles round trip and worth every single sore muscle and labored breath. I distinctly remember doing this hike because we came to a point where there were 2 options, either continue walking around the perimeter of the lake we had arrived at to make our way up the mountain or take a shortcut across the lake by ferry. My sister and I tried to convince my dad to take the ferry but he was adamant that we make the full journey and boy am I glad that he did. We continued our hike around the lake and made our way up the mountain towards Inspiration Point. It was on this trail that we found a hidden waterfall that was one of the reasons making the journey was so worth it. The water cascaded down the rocks like silk gliding down a mountain. This was the point that we really started climbing further up the side of the mountain. We snaked our way up the front by way of switchbacks, hiking through dense forest when we arrived at an area just above the treeline. This was it, this was Inspiration Point and I finally understood why they named it so. Looking out at the view I was met with a full view of the lake below us as well the true expanse of the landscape before my eyes. As far as my eye could see I observed mountains, immense plains, and more trees than I could ever count.

As I said before, we only had a limited amount of time to explore Grand Tetons National Park and I felt that the hike up to Inspiration Point was one hell of a way to get a taste of what the park had to offer. I do wish that we had the ability to stay a few nights and explore the park more but I will most definitely be back to visit sometime in the future. My message to you is to go out and explore these amazing expanses of nature for yourselves. I can show you pictures and tell you my story, but each person is going to have a different experience, an experience that will hopefully resonate with you as it has with me.

Till my next visit Grand Tetons National Park.

Priyal Shah


Profile photo of Priyal Shah

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya but came to the United States when I was young. I currently attend the University of California, Berkeley, with a perspective major in Film. I practice photography as a hobby and it is something that I really enjoy. I have traveled to a fair amount of National Parks in the USA as well as a couple countries abroad such as Thailand.

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